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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Mangosteen story

It's the time of the year again. Mangosteen and durians fill the roadside. You see trucks of these yummilicious fruits along the street in town and in residential areas. You'll see people drooling at the sight of it while some are sitting there, stuffing themselves with durians and mangosteens, one after another, licking their fingers in the process.

How do you eat your mangosteen? Our family had this trend since young. According to my mum, mangosteen has this red-purple-pink-ish liquid from the skin and the milk of the fruit(cannot be drank) will stain your clothing and cannot be removed. So, as the youngest and the clumsiest, I always have to eat mangosteen NUDE! Yes, NUDE. Of course in the toilet and not in the living room la. Lagi teruk, NUDE and IN THE TOILET! The only time I makan in the toilet. T.T Until I got older and demand a fair treatment to be fully clothed and sit at the table, enjoying my share of mangosteen. I love mangosteen.

Were you asked to do the same? Hah, just checking if I was being mistreated. =P


Dragon said...

my god!!! i dont know how to say also. my thee kong. why need to be nude and the worst is eat in the toilet. oh my my!!! siao liao!

Mrs Chong said...

small time la...aiyo..tht time bodoh bodoh..primary school time..i seorang kena cuz i youngest.. T.T and I was the only one who likes mangosteen a lot so i will eat no matter what.

Tau Sar Phneah said...

goodness!!!.eat in the toilet sumore in ur bday suit..hehe..yea..mangosteen has those liquid that cant be removed once it stained to ur clothes..anyway, just getting more miss only after seeing u posting about mangosteen...sigh..

Mrs Chong said...

aiyo..small time bodoh ah last time, nonit mummy call, take the mangosteen, straight walk into the toilet liao..

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