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Wednesday, March 07, 2012


When you want it, it is not there. When you don't want it, it keeps coming. =(

Running in and out of the toilet is no fun. I didn't even drink any milk except for BeetRoot for breakkie. It must be the culprit.

Seriously, why is my stomach so weak? It's big and weak. Lousy. At least small and weak I don't mind. Or big and strong, not as bad. Bah~

Lots of things to do, but am progressing real~~~~ SLOW. Need to buck up and MOVE!!! Else gonna regret it when due dates approach.

I will sign up for a position to be a housewife anytime!! Just learning how to cook and buy fresh fish or something and clean the whole house. Haih, coming out from a future Masters students. Fail max.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Nobody likes exam

When I was a student, I didn't like exam mainly because I will then have to study to be able to answer the question. My inability to stuff everything into my head will result in me having to find ways to hide my report card.

Now I'm a teacher and I don't like exam just the same. Cause setting exam question is so tedious!!! Even if you are just transferring it from some book. I almost got my eyeballs popped out preparing exam questions. And I'm just doing for Form 1,2,3. It's crazy. I'm tired.

Lack of sleep, extended hours in front of the computer. This is SO NOT FUN!

Back to work. Everybody hates exam, even the teachers.