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Friday, May 02, 2008

How I spent my extra off day?

By waking up at 10, online, eat, online, sleep, watch television and rot. I can finally understand why my eldest sister cannot tahan holidays. She cannot sit at home and I am beginning to act like that although I am just a 6 months worker.

I feel sick when I am at home. I feel extra lazy (not that the humid weather is of any help), I get headaches, I sweat like a pig (and look like one. T.T), I do not enjoy rolling on the bed that much, I get frustrated easily and am very grumpy. Okay, the last two ones might be PMS. I don't know.

But, ai-ya, holiday and sit at home can die lor. Should have gone to work. Ha-ha. And let Pao rot alone. I am not taking anymore off day if I were to sit at home and rot like this. I can go crazy one I tell you. And it's so hot, you don't even have mood to go jalan-jalan. I don't feel like changing also. T.T Furthermore, tak ada $$ lagi tak ada mood want to go out.

Sien. Tonight some more no CG. Should not have changed plan with Emmoes. Now I am rotting at home with television that has stupid program like Astro which always say no signal. Bullshit la these Astro people. Tell them the problem, they never come. Ask us to wait when the astro tak ada signal again, call them, then they dilly dally, suddenly television okay, do nothing. Like this pay them RM50 for what? At least do something la you idiots. Don't stand there and stare at the screen, I can do that for you.

Hate Astro. If continue like this no need subscribe already la. Save our RM130++. Watch local channel or just don't watch television.

ps: I am grumpy cause I am hot and I am sick. T.T

Heh, my S.H.E craze is back. I LOVE ELLA like lots lots lots. Ha-ha

Wakakaka. See how Hebe sits. Even Ella sits like a girl.


Dragon said...

haiyo, u shd have appreciate your off days!!!!! i like off days very much. im bored of working! i rather rot at home than go to work! watch dvd la!! why watch astro? i have the series faster than them! hahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

bcuz i like to watch like reality show and stuff..hehehe.. =)

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