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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am so kia-su T.T

I just got home from a talk and my mum and sis told me that my aunt called them. She said that we can check our Uni intake already. Then I thought, shouldn't be ah. So fast meh? But nevertheless, I ran into the room and open the page.

Browse around, tak ada pun. Got UUM and UTM one but I don't know what are those for. Check them out if you want to. I then clicked into the official website and got here. Hmmm.. There is a mention of sms method like below

Took this from the website above. =)

Guess what I do next? Like every other kia su Malaysian, although I very kiam siap, I typed in UPU and my ic and sent to 32020. Cost me 60 cents with a reply like this.

RM0.60: MY IC STPM/SETARAF: Borang permohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang
diproses. Keputusan permohonan akan dimaklumkan minggu ke-3 Jun 2008.

Walao, I pay 60 cents for this ar? So, tak ada intake lagi. If you want to check, double check, can sms too. If you want to check, you also kia su? I don't know. Ha-ha.

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