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Thursday, June 30, 2011

God is Faithful

I learn to see things in a different perspective (though I still whine and complain and get lazy all the time).

My God is a faithful God. He will not leave me nor forsake me. I just have to cling onto Him and trust and have faith that He knows best. That whatever I am going through, He knew it and has gone before me to prepare the way.

He knows best and I just have to obey and follow for He will make a way for me. I may feel tired, demotivated, disappointed at times in my life, asking if it's the right thing to do but no man can answer to that but God. He knows everything.

This is all a process and a trying period. I will survive this for I trust in my God.

Praise the Lord I got into USM for my Masters in English and Linguistics Studies! Studying and working part time...This will be my first time so bear with my whining at times.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Start all over

Being a teacher for one month has taught me quite some stuff.

1. Kids are not always that cute. Sometimes you'll get high blood pressure.

2. But not all kids are that bratty.

3. I don't know that much English as I thought I knew. I have to revise all the phonics and grammar because all these while, the only teacher to my grammars and pronunciation are my ears. If it sounds good, it's good.

4. I have to turn all these laziness, negative emotions of fear and anxiety and stress to motivation. This is not just a job. This is a moulding and learning process. He knows I need it.

=) It's a beautiful Friday. I'm looking forward to work. (Yes, the blue dragged too long but at least the sun is shining now.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extended blues

Just so you know, my Tuesday blues have officially extended till Thursday. Barely one month of working and I'm having blues EVERY SINGLE DAY. Need to be more motivated!!!!

Lazy... *nua*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I've always wanted to be an editor or a journalist. Then when I finished with my degree, I decided to settle down as a teacher purely because there's not much opportunity here as editor or journalist. Most of the jobs are in KL.

Now I'm having a second thought. Seeing my friends getting what they wanted, I'm thinking if the path I chose is the right one. Should I be working or should I continue studying?

God will make a way and He will show me my path. At the mean time, I'll just have to do my job as a teacher well. 4 classes for me today. I'll be okay.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The first thing I'll buy when I get my salary is


=( and take make me feel better.

I thought I just dislike working in office but the truth is, I think I just dislike working.

Thank God there's cute people at the centre who'll make me smile. That helps to ease my laziness.

Now I have to drag my sorry feet out to wait for bus. Working life sucks.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working adult's life - From a teacher's perspective

is very boring. Wake up, cook, online a bit, bathe, go work, come back, roll around watch show, sleep.

No matter how much you think you enjoy your job, you'll still feel lazy. (Or is it just me?)

It's better to have a lot of work. Time passes faster that way. If you are too free, you'll feel like the clock has stopped moving and 10pm doesn't seem to come.

If you are a teacher, best if you have many classes. 8 hours will pass easily.

Not all students are going to like you. Especially if you are new and still learning how to teach. T_T Learn and improve.

Do not be too nice, students will step all over you. Do not be too fierce, either the boss will come after you or the parents will. And your student will stop responding to you.

Not all students can understand you even if you use simple english. So do your homework, find more examples.

Please master the skills of hiding your yawn. You'll need it a lot.

All jobs are hard. There is no easy job in this world. Even a housewife needs to think of what to cook every day.

As much as you complain and whine each day, when the time comes, you'll still have to drag your sorry feet out of the gate and go to work.

This is the life of a working adult. Really not much fun.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why am I so quiet lately?

Not in a real sense but in a blog world sense. I've been working for two weeks now and it feels surreal. I may be lazy to go to work sometimes (still a brat at heart) but I always wake up on time to cook lunch and dinner before I go to work.

I am learning from this job and I kind of enjoy it. It is hard to handle kids but I gain my confidence from them. I love being called Teacher in a weird way. I am glad I took this path instead of jumping straight into the adults path because I believe I learn so much more now than before.

Kids nowadays learn words that are so hard, they got their teacher looking for dictionary. Either that, or my English is very weak. But I am learning, I am learning each day, from these kids and also to further help myself. I am happy with my job and I hope I will be every single day until I resign.

That's why I've been quiet. Because I've been busy. Haven't been taking pictures lately and I so need to get my contact lenses. Wait till I get my salary. Cause I need to dress up so badly!!!