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Friday, May 16, 2008

After trying for more than 30 times,

I've decided to stop. MSN is not working, so I go and play the fishing thing la. Mana tau I always kena electric shock by the eel. Play until I also sien. T.T This game damn addictive lo. See the process.

First time.

Ada improvement.

Oik...ada improvement again.

10k here I come.


7500. Eh, improve balik dah.

la la la..slowly climbing up the ladder to 10k

I'm almost there.....

Hey, it might come true after all huh?

Thought gonna stop after 10k. Mana tau....that day never came. T.T 9150g is the nearest I can get to 10k. Of course the above snapshots are not continuous. Unless of course you expect me to printscreen all 30 games with like 20 of them the same marks. T.T I am tired. Tak nak main dah. The event in KL anyway. Kawan-kawan, if you want to play, go here. Damn addictive. Don't say I never warn har?

We damn kau chek ark (cruel). See the fish. Sampai menangis dia ditangkap. Drama la this fish. We kena electric shock by eel didn't see we cry also. Chieh. =P


KY said...

Hahhaha, try more!

Zooropa said...

Wow...I have no idea what's this fishing game...very interesting one?


Mrs Chong said...

ky: chieh...urs so high...u r a fisherman ar??? =P

zooropa: go try...I try whole night, boh lat liao.... =P