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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The sunshine in our lives

Uncle Sunny,
You were the one who believed in me the most,
You were the one who treats me like your own daughter,
You gave me encouragement , love and faith,
You reach out to help,whenever I need help.

You are like my father who never gives up,
Regardless how I scored in exam,I was always the best for you,
At times when I spend more time doing other things,you still think I am smart,
Your love I will remember and keep them deep inside my heart.

Uncle Sunny,
Though you are now far far away,
But in my heart, you will stay
Your love and care will not fade away,
Hope you will be happy, I hope and I pray.

To us, you never leave,
For your memories with us stay strong and deep,
Our love for you will never cease,
And we hope that you will rest in peace.

A good uncle, a good brother
A good son, a good father,
A good husband, a good friend,
We will never replace you for another.

Never have we doubt,
The joy you brought into our lives,
Making us smile, making us proud,
To have you in our lives.

Though we can no longer see you around,
But you will be forever loved and treasured,
Because in you, love we found,
And those things,we cannot measure.

To have you in our lives is our pleasure,
You are like a box of gold, our treasure,
All of us feel lucky, this I am sure,
And you will stay in our heart, that is for sure.

Now that you are up in heaven,
We wish you all the best,
Guarding us from the clouds of heaven,
And be there,beside God with His bless.

This is written to remember and to thank Uncle Sunny, my uncle who showered me with love since I was small. His love, care and faith will forever be treasured and I will never forget him.

With love,
Ping Ping
2.50pm 1/9/06

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