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Sunday, October 22, 2006



A friend is an angel sent by God,
Being there with you even if you've just been robbed,
Learning to love is learning to give,
Sharing and caring is what we believe.

Those who have fate will eventually meet,
These relationship will blossom from just a seed,
Ours had blossomed and now we shall keep,
Our friendship will stay strong and deep.

Oceans are wide with lots of fishes,
So is this world with lots of species,
We've met now and we shall stay,
For bad ones leaves and good ones stays.

My guardian angels are those who loves me,
And those who are my friend, we are meant to be,
Worry no more for I'll be there for you and you'll see,
This friendship means more than what people thought it may be.

Hugs and laughter we will share,
Till one day I meet you there,
Photo hunt and rock fever I want to play,
Not forgetting taking pictures the whole day.


this poem was written by me on the 27th of April to all my close close mayb some part of it..esp last paragraph,some of u wont understand..itz something the <> share...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Went To Cameron Highlands Part II

Three Days after the 'I Went To Cameron Highlands Part I, I decided to take some more pictures of my 'Cameron Highland' view...I was hoping for the weather to get better cuz I have yet to fall sick *touch wood* and I really dun wanna wear mask. Although there's rain a lil here n there, it does not help much i guess. I still feel the haze is very very bad. And during this Raya cum Deepavali month. Summore near me holiday, me really dowan haze. A few pictures of my magnificient Cameron Highland view. Enjoy !

I think I am going to get my Hello Kitty mask soon !

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Went To Cameron Highlands. heard me right. I went to Cameron Highlands although I am having examination. Well at least it feels like it. Juz that this Cameron I went to is not cold, with no fresh air, no strawberries, no tea farm, no ice-pops, no yummy steamboat, no strawberry farm, no flower farm, no farms ( maybe some pathetic looking grass here and there), no pluck-all-the-tea-leaves-as-u-like activities, no lovely houses and beautiful fields, no mist and it is nothing like the one in the picture.

What kind of Cameron Highland is this huh???as I've said, at least it feels like it. So, I guess u probably know that I did not go to Cameron (I am still sane.) This is how Penang looks like after being attacked by haze. And trust me, those are not mist. How good if they are. I can't breathe now. Haze is back!!!

below are the pictures taken from my house.

So Long...(warning - sad one,not for sensitive person)

ps: this poem is dedicated to everyone who once loved n fall out of love. Hope it captures exactly how you feel and touches your heart.

12th February , a day to remember ,
What happened to us, i wonder,
I thought absence will make the heart grows fonder,
How come it doesn't work for us, I ponder.

Sometimes you make me wonder,
Is your love true or are you just another player,
Everyone ask me to let go or I'll suffer,
But no one knows how it feels cause I thought it was forever.

All these while to me you are true,
And with time, my trust for you grew,
Though u lied to me like I am a fool,
But i always thought our love was beautiful.

Hurt me no more when we break,
The pain is too much for me to take,
But I'll stay strong for God's sake,
And I swear, I'll never make the same mistake.

Forever , love and trust you taught me,
Those are the things I no longer see,
Leave me alone and set me free,
I'll find my way back to where I am suppose to be.

No more tears and no more pain,
Care and love, I have gain,
I will stand up once again,
Love and trust, I am still in the game!

Rain falls like the tears in my heart,
But now, I promise I'll do my part,
For mum, I'll work hard,
And for you also,who are drifting apart.

Leaves will wither from the tree,
Sun will rise from the sea,
Those beautiful things i shall see,
Just that you won't be standing beside me.

All our memories will fade with time,
Till one day your wedding bells chime,
You will smile and your face will shine,
But I know, till then,you are never mine.

Now that we are no longer together,
I am sure we will find better,
We once shared tears and laughter,
Now all we can do is remember..

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