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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Queenstown day 2 part 2 - Gondola & Luge

I shall not set a dateline to blog about Queenstown/NZ cause everytime I set a date, I ended up not blogging about it for weeks. Pantang set dateline. =P
Ok, after going to the Walter Peak Farm, we decided to take the gondola up to see the whole Queenstown and also to play LUGE!! I love LUGE. Can get it in Sentosa also. Who wanna play Luge with me at Sentosa? Anyway, Pao wanted to play bungee but tak jadi cause we saw other people playing and they are not even scared. Like nothing like that and it's so expensive. There's another one at the lake but we can't follow her and it was too late already.

Gondola up, up, up.

On the way up. Still in the gondolaI miss NZ.
Beautiful sceneries. But my leg was shaking la. Lol, so high up leh.

See how beautifully the lake is surrounding the whole city?

The venue for bungee. But not so scary. Those played did not even scream. Sien.

Pao and I ready to go to play Luge.

People playing parachute.

We play luge. No picture of us playing cause we did not bring our camera.

That's me, lol, admiring the beauty of God's creation

This marks the end of our trip uphill to see the beautiful sceneries. Up next in Queenstown, ice bar, ice-cream and meeting street performer. =)

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