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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am super kiam siap

or super pandai calculate. Ha-ha. Good maths. I've got RM50 on Nuffnang but I don't want to cash out. I am sure everyone else are the same lor. Cause you cash out, have to deduct RM1. Like that I leave long long until it gets more (hopefully) then only cash out. Not so sakit hati (eh, RM1 leh).

Problem is, do I have to wait another year to get another RM50. You know la, business susah nowadays. =P So in dilemma, to keep or not to keep. Some people can easily get RM50, RM100 or more, I waited a year. I actually waited a year. T.T Luckily membuahkan hasil. So Nuffnang boleh dipercayai. But problem is, should I cash out??

One in hand is better than 2 in the bush? So I cash out, in hand liao, not yet cash out, in the bush. So teruk can, all those idioms. Make people lagi want to cash out but not worth ma. Another idiom, do not count your chickens before they hatch. Sui sui tak cukup RM100, wait punya the lama tak ada pocket money how?

Tell me, when you guys cash out?

On another note, this two hamster make my day la. See the one K.O. in the box. SO CUTE!!!!!!!


darkestangel said...

how come it take so long to cash out? how many visitors do u have in a day?

Ping Ping said...

darkestangel: Lol, I used to have like 40 UV la...and I last time put one ad only...really took me almost a year... =P my sis is still struggling with RM6. Kakakakak..

Fireopal said...

i also intending to cash out soon..

Falcon said...

It makes that RM1..You dont have to cash out untill u need

3POINT8 said...

LOL! The hamster terbalik dy!
It is not gonna die soon rite?

Ping Ping said...

fireopal: hand itchy itchy hor???

falcon: that's what I think also...hehehe..actually I was thinking if I cash out then left like 64cents, damn tak encouraging lor. You get what I mean? Buka buka, 64cents nia. T.T

3point8. Unfortunately, both of them sudah K.O I think. My friend's hamster. One died of obesity, another one, died of over exercise. T.T I suspect the latter saw the former died of obesity and refuse to die the same way. Ended up dying on the wheel. So sedih.