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Friday, May 16, 2008

I have no patience!!!

I cannot tahan people do mistake already some more act like we are at wrong one lor. There's this one lady who always clean our office for us but she comes suka hati. Suka she come, suka she don't come. And she always change the day ikut her suka.

She has other job apart from the one at our place and her other job is a permanent one. So she come over to our place to clean up during lunch time and sometimes, she does it in 30 minutes or less. She comes once a week and charge RM50 per visit. Walao, I one month nuffnang ads also cannot reach RM50. In fact, many many months liao.

Work like her sure rich liao. Anyway, sometimes she comes, sometimes she doesn't. But we pay according to the number of time she comes. Anyway, she always bring her son which none of us like cause that brat always use marker pen or our pen to conteng this and that. Damn waste ink lor. And she never marah the anak. -.-"

Today, she came and we were about to have our lunch. She asked us to let her mop the floor first before we eat. So okay la. We waited. Then, SHE SPILL OUR DRINKS!!! And say we should not have put our drinks there. You spill it, already angry enough already cause you come during lunch time. And then you say we should not have put it there. People were already ready to take our lunch and you ask us to wait for you. Then now you kaka chiau chiau. Sien. Can change people clean ar? Don't like her.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, just change her lah! So frustrating, reading also feel flamed, can't imagine facing her directly!

Mrs Chong said...

my boss dowan change..geram tau..alwiz see her already geram...some more alwiz ask for advance salary cuz the husband dowan work...i listen liao i very "hot"..