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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Makan marathon

Will be eating a lot this week. Bad bad bad for the waistline (not that it's good now anyway).

Eating plan goes like this (crap, I even have eating plan. How now?)

Wednesday- Secret Recipe (it has been a longgggg time since I last had it and this time, someone is belanja-ing. Bestest)

Thursday - BBQ Steamboat opposite UMNO (sigh, when your lovelies are craving for it, you'll just have to join)

Friday - Coffee Island with Faith CG members to meet up with Pearl.

Saturday - BBQ at the beach with PKA-ians.

I did not realize this until I type this post because all I can remember was Wednesday and Thursday nights I'll be eating luxuriously and spending a lot. Then I remembered, eh, Friday and Saturday also got. So yes, makan marathon I'm having here and not intentionally did I arrange all this. Look at my stingy face, you'll believe me.

But I couldn't be happier. Because I'll be hanging out with these people I really love and enjoy being around with and ahem, taking pictures and ahem, I GOT LIFE OKAY? SOCIAL LIFE THAT IS. I was always the hide-in-the-room kind of person in hostel and now, I've got dates. =))) Happy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I iz scared

Let's just say someone came to my hostel room, knock on my door.

Tell me things that make me feel uncomfortable, not because of the fact but because of the pushing.

I was traumatised, I wanted to just tell them I'm busy and I need to get my work done which is the truth.

Room mate came back and save the day.

I'm scared. Will they come back again next Monday? They told me they would. =x

I began to message my CF friends : my prayer partner, my discipleship mentor and my CGL. Then I message one of the exco.

I felt better. But still, scared.

I'm a bad customer service

First I asked the customer which specifically which item she wanted when it's clearly stated on the email subject.

Then I sent her Maybank account when she clearly said she wants to pay through CIMB.

Then I realized my mistake and sent her another email stating 'You not want to pay through CIMB right?'

What kind of English was that? T_____T Then I realized my mistake again and correct my English.

Finally I decided I should send her a brand new email with all the correct information. Not a very good customer service huh?

Way to go Ping Ping. =))) Will improve next time.

*** Am half a customer service in The Manni-Queen.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in this place.

See? I can't even bear to call it by a proper name. Hah, just kidding. As much as I don't like coming back, I have to admit, there's occasionally fond memories. Wei Wei, hold your tongue thankyouverymuch.

I'm back, with assignments I did not do during holidays, story books I never got around to finish reading (i really should finish them) and much more. I can't say I totally hate this place because I know Him better here and I believe I am placed here for a reason, a reason only He knows while it's for me to find out.

=)) End of holidays, now get back to work!!!!

Pictures from Emmoes outing. If you noticed, I stopped writing outing post or food post and I rarely upload pictures now. I guess because I've uploaded them in Facebook and anyone who would want to see my pictures are my friends thus in my Facebook so there's no such need to blog about it anymore.

Bad I know but sigh, what to do? Anyways, we are all grown ups now. If you notice, even June has grown out of her specs and every one, I think there's a need to stress this. EVERYONE is with make-up now. =)) And everyone looks so good with make-up (although we looked ok without make-up). We can now exchange make-up tips. *beams*

Love you girls. It's amazing how after 4 years, despite studying in different courses, different places, we can still go to malls, hang out, eat, play games, camwhore like we used to back when we were 17. It's amazing how the things we talk about are still the same, we can still laugh over the same thing and we've not grown apart, not one bit. Instead I believe we are much closer now compared to when we were younger. Please, keep it this way.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flyday oredi

Sigh, in a blink of eye (for idiomatic purposes, actually many many blinks of eye), it's Friday already. Soon it'll be Sunday and I'll be dragging my feet and my bags back to USM and be lonely again. No more fluffy bed, no more Astro, no more noisy chattering in the morning, no more home cook food, no more people calling me "Ah Girl, Ah Gu, Xiao Mei".

How can I be happy knowing that my family is at home and I'm not? How can I be happy knowing that they are watching television and laughing together?

I'm a homely person and I shall not deny it (not that I can deny it since all I've been complaining about is being left out when I'm in uni).

Let me hug my pillow for a while. Actually just feeling sleepy because I woke up at 8.30 this morning. =P

** What do you think of people who ppk?? Will I get it bad from my friends? =x

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Half the traffic

Yes, that's my blog's traffic compared to The Manni-Queen's. And I don't mind! =)) Please do visit The Manni-Queen to see if there's any new item that you like.

'today's activity is free and easy. the same as yesterday's, the day b4 yesterday's, and the day b4 the day b4 yesterday's' - Ping Ping's MSN PM.

I should be doing some work. But there's just so little motivation to move even a finger. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do and that is CLEAR THE CLOSET. My closet has been a disaster for few weeks now but I just didn't have the time to attend to it. I've been away for few weekends and weekends are the only days I get to see my closet so really, I couldn't have done it even if I really want to badly.

So I finally got around to do it in surprisingly less than an hour so the closet is now all neat but still full. Someone has to start packing her clothes to give away or throw them away or she'll not get to shop for any new clothes (not that I care, I'll just find some place to stuff them in). I don't understand why is it that my closet is full when I always have problem looking for clothes to wear? Either I'm blind or I stopped wearing a lot of the clothes.

I really want to get one of the tops, Hillary, from The Manni-Queen but I kind of like told the sister that she cannot buy one until other people got their pick of the colors. *slaps my own mouth*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Manni-Queen is UPDATED!!!!

Wait, look at the right hand side. After the Nuffnang ads, I've put up updates about Manni-Queen (our blogshop) so you can go to our blogshop from there and browse around. You'll get to know whether we've update with new clothes or not there.

Wheee..Go check them out at

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm glad I can still smile

and laugh over the things I used to write. Which is a good thing cause it means whether that thing was a sad thing then or not, I grown out of it.

<3 blogs. Reminds me of things I used to do and the style I used to adapt last time due to peer pressure and surroundings. Those gila artiste years, those gila taiwanese dramas years, those emo-nemo years, those bentengs years.

=)) happy.

Is this why you blog too? To remind yourself about you. About who you really are, despite the fact that whatever I type now is no longer type and publish but type, read, edit, check, read, think twice, think thrice, and then publish or keep as draft. I think it's one of the way I stay who I am, stay grounded and see myself grow (mentally, not physically. Wont want to see that =s)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another day at home

I woke up at 7am today, wash my hair, blow dry it and went back to sleep. I wasn't sleep walking. Wanted to go out but because I was too slow, I was left behind. Poor Ping Ping. =(( Woke up, when for dim sum with sis's friend and her super cute dotter.

Wait, let me write in a chronological order.
7am- Woke up and took a bath + wash hair.
7.30am - Blow dry hair, got left behind.
7.45am - Changed into pajamas again.
7.50am - Watched One Million Star + drink Usana shake as breakfast.
9.00am - Took morning nap
9.48am - Woke up, change to go for dim sum with sis's friend and baby.
1pm - Came back from dim sum and fetch Pao.
2.30pm - Fell asleep (this is how you balloon yourself)
4pm - Woke up, change
5pm - Left for Gurney
5.40pm - Movies
7.15 pm - Buy Big Apple
7.45pm - Go Crepe Cottage + Order
8.45 pm - Food was served
9.30 pm - Left Crepe Cottage
10.30pm - Got home.

Anyway, I managed to go for movie, after don't know how many donkey years. Watched G-Force which is so super very the cute. Had Big Apple, after don't know how many donkey's father's years (longer than the last time I went for movies). Went for crepes and pancakes at Crepe Cottage (I did not eat the sweet ones, so Diana, Jen, YiLin, we can still go. PLEASE). Pretty interesting I would say.

Love my holidays.

ps: Pictures will be up in Facebook. Not so sure whether I'll upload them in the blog or not. Have been deteriorating a lot in blogging. Not that I lost the passion for blogging, not that. Just got a bit too lazy and busy lately and it's bad, I know.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Annie 1982

My favourite musical ever!!! Although I love lots of musical (Sound of Music, Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Hairspray,macamx2 la)
Share the songs in the movie here

<3 all the songs!!!!!! This movie is about an orphan Annie. I am looking for the DVD. Sigh, this movie has a special place in my heart. Annie grown up.

To where I fit in

sigh...back to where human alarm clock rings at 8am. Loud family I have. ♥

Feel so belonged here.

=)) No plans. My plan is to roll on the bed, watch tv, online, roll on the bed somemore, watch tv, online and maybe, just maybe, roll on the bed. =P

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's holiday!

Although I have assignments but hey, holiday means fluffy bed with fluffy pillow although bibi won't be around and confirm got people to eat with you daily. Sigh, sometimes I wish I have friends to lunch with or dinner with tho I'm used to do that alone.

I cannot bear to stay here the whole week unlike some people. I think I'll go bonkers. I think something is wrong with me cause people say uni life is like the best time in your life. I beg to differ. Unless of course they think feeling lonely and miserable is the best feeling in their life.

I'm coming home to be the maid. A happy maid. =)))

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's the use of an umbrella

if it has holes???

Still got my shoulders wet. in.serious.need.for.a.workable.and.reliable.umbrella.

Sigh, it's bad enough that I need to walk all the time.

Somehow when you are in a place where you lack stuff, you'll be more thankful. Like when you are walking to class and someone offered you a ride (never happened before to me though), or someone treats you something (usually I treat myself to the RM2.20 Bakti rice-trust me, RM2.20 is really overpriced for what I took), or just a good umbrella. A good, workable umbrella.

I told my sis to tell my mum that the umbrella she gave me, although big, has holes. And my mum thought I told her the umbrella is 'ho' (read: good in hokkien). So funny la my Shirl. 'Pua kang' (read: Got holes) la..'boh ho' (read: not good) la...Comel la my Shirl.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was a silly girl

I was reading the post I wrote last year and I felt silly. But I did smile which is a good thing. It's so nice to read back what you wrote last time and smile at it, getting all the happy feelings rushing back to you. Of course when you read back sad stuff, it might affect you, it might not. Depends on whether you've gotten over that sad stuff. I was reading happy stuff so it was good.

I'm preparing my slides for Spanish presentation tomorrow. I will need to practise later. Sigh. Life's like that huh? Ok, will need to get back to my work and blog properly tomorrow. Am actually a bit sleepy since I woke up at 7am this morning (slept at 1am) and did not manage to take a nap.

Holiday is coming.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My eyes are open

As I was sitting in the computer lab in the library, waiting for my next class to begin, a malay lady walked in. She sat on the desktop beside mine. I wondered, "What is she doing here?" She plugged in her pendrive and opened up a Microsoft Word file and started typing away. She looked my mum's age.

I'm ashamed of myself. There I was complaining about having to do my assignments, complaining about the neverending strings of assignments and someone her age would do assignment beside me. ( I don't know if she complained though). Her fonts are big (for better viewing) but she is still diligently doing her work, typing word by word. Who am I to complain? I am young, I am energetic, I should be thankful for being me.

I looked at her, full of respect.

God, is this what you are trying to tell me?

Monday, September 14, 2009

I see no end to this

Sometimes it really feels like that. I've just announced last week that I've finally finished with all my assignments. Then I was given a presentation and I actually am having another one this week (means two presentation) because I completely forgot about that presentation.

Then I thought ok, it could be quite tedious to prepare for two presentations but oh well, I can rest during Raya break right? So it was still bearable although I admit I was having a mind block for a while (so much so that I cannot even sms.) Then this afternoon, our lecturer told us that she'll give us our assignment topic tomorrow.

There's is no end to all these. They keep coming. And people are telling you, "Hey, cheer up, uni life/the life of a student is the best you can ever have ok? After you finish with your uni and started working, you'll miss uni life." Sometimes it feels like there's nothing to hope for. There's no tomorrow to look forward too because hey, this is the best one already. Tomorrow will be worse.

But we cannot keep living in the past can we? In fact, we got no choice. We have to keep living, like it or not. The big boss up there is saying, "Hey, you have not done my job, don't you come back empty handed." And because we are obedient child, we look up and say, "Ok la ok la, I do la I do la" and proceed to live another day. And since I got no choice, maybe I should look at it positively. (Yes, writers can change their opinion and mood as they like)

Taken at Yi Lin's 21st birthday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emo kid

Sigh, I screwed up again. My pendrive was infected with virus and I removed the virus, alongside with my documents. I thought should be okay since I have all my documents backed up. But there's one small but important document I did not back up.

So it's gone now and everyone's effort last week gone to waste because of me. T___T I lost minute of a meeting. Sigh, mind block. Cannot think of anything now. Can't even concentrate to prepare for Tuesday's presentation. I prayed. I prayed that God will help me to remember whatever we have discussed and that I can type them out again. The whole committee is informed about this already. I sure hope I don't bump into any of them until I can re-type all the things we discussed.

=(((((( Guess what? Ping Ping is moody again. Great, just great.

What's wrong??? First the chaos at home, then this.

They kind of recalled what we discussed. There's only one super important one that we discussed and everything is ok now. Or at least I hope it is. Anyway, I'm tired. Will turn in early and wake up early for another long day tomorrow.

It was much simpler. Life was much simpler. It's so hard now. I don't know if the return was a good thing or not. I secretly wished I had not changed. I secretly hoped that I remained the same, even if it hurt then.

Back from Langkawi

Back from a satisfying trip at Langkawi. =))


Humans are ridiculous beings. Accept it. We get grumpy, we get moody, we get chirpy, we get sad. It's normal. I wish we are much simple though. I guess if we choose to be ignorant of everything around us, we would be much more simple but simple is not a word to associate with us human. When God made us, he did not make us simple right? We had different eyes, different skin color, different features, we develop different way of thinking. We are as complicated as we were created.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10.09.09 is even better than 09.09.09

Because it's the day my darling mother was born some years ago.
And you don't blog for all your friends' birthday and forget your mum's
Especially if your mum reads your blog 10 times a day and contributes a lot for the visits
Not only because she might boikot your blog if she didn't get one
Not only because she's the mother and hello, mother is very important
But also because she'll get kecil hati and no, you won't want your ATM to be angry with you right?
<3 you bu
Stay pretty, young and er, healthy. =P
Mummy and the pampered one during the latter's birthday.
Eye bags = checked, round face=checked, self-made curly hair=checked. I <3 looking like you. At least I'm certain I'm not some orphans you guys adopted when I was small *throw nasty stares at the sisters*
Us during the eldest sis's birthday.
Love you bu. See you tomorrow. =))

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


And you have to blog on this day. You can skip blogging on your birthday (because if you do blog, it's kind of sad since you kind of declared to the world that you are very sad and pathetic and got free time to blog during your birthday *runs off to check*. I blogged on my birthday T__T.

Anyway, it's 09.09.09 and it's supposed to be a very good day (cause of the number). So I guess people will be getting married today. And I'm not and I've got nothing to blog.

Anyway, will be going to Langkawi for the mother's birthday. Seriously, we've been travelling for our birthday lately. Began with Pao's Pangkor trip, then my Bangkok trip, then Che's Langkawi trip and now mummy's Langkawi trip again. <3 it. Next year I hope they'll bring me to Australia as my birthday trip. =P I enjoy such birthday more. Time spent with family and people who really cares instead of throwing a huge party and inviting everyone. I think I enjoy being pampered more than layan-ing people during my birthday.

Out of topic but nevermind. =))

**Have not been putting up pictures lately. =(

Can update pictures in USM!!!!! Taken during Hooi Shan's be-earlied birthday. <3

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's back

im grumpy, im moody, im easily irritable (trust me when I say this), im annoyed. it's not wise to mess with me now.

It really is not. I wish I can curl up in my bed and do nothing but I am living in a world where socializing is very much needed (although mine is wayyyyy less compared to others).

So do not step on my imaginary tail and I warn you, it's very long so be careful, be really careful.

I hate this!!!!!

Hot day

Today's weather is insanely humid. I think I am not allergic to seafood, thank God, Amen.

I'm a prawn's fan k?? The whole family knows it. Ping is a big fan for seafood. She's extraordinary happy when she sees them. I guess it's because you rarely get to eat seafood. It's not something people will eat daily so when you get to eat it, it's luxurious food so of course you'll feel happy. RIGHT?

Anyway, will only be able to blog about Church Camp when I'm back from Langkawi and I have a feeling that I will not be able to do it. You know, my procrastination skills is quite power (read: New Zealand's post is still incomplete.)

Church Camp was definitely an eye opener  I would say. I've learnt a lot in those three days two nights and I've get to know more people. But I have a feeling that our social circle did not grow bigger. I was completely drained and stuffed (literally). Drained with lack of sleep and stuffed with many things to digest- food for the tummy (buffets- first dinner was shocking), food for the brain, food for my spiritual life.

We were well-fed, in fact, I think we were over-fed. And I have a bad feeling I put on the 3 kgs I would gain if I stay at home for two months in that three days two nights stay there. Can totally feel the tummy man. But I'm back in USM, that means meals without meat. So I'll feel less guilty and my pocket will be saved.

Anyways, tonnes of assignment to be done before I leave for Langkawi on Thursday. =))

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Church camp

in another 3 hours. And I've not packed, I'm a little sleepy for waking up too early and I've not packed!!!!!

I should go pack. Will be back on Monday. Don't miss me but please visit for the sake of the hits.


I was reading back the posts I wrote when I first entered USM and I actually wrote that I was loving USM. What was wrong with me??? Though there are many reasons to love USM but seriously, at times, you just want to leave that place man. That place where assignments, exams, loneliness creeps into you and lives in you. It's bad. I wouldn't say I have no friends there but I definitely do not have Emmoes and Bentengs there. Can't be myself much.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Another Friday has come

It's amazing how time flies. I mean it felt like it was just yesterday that I was complaining about class and my kia-suness that got me dragging my poor feet to class despite the heavy rain and the next thing I know, it's another Friday already. A sunny one this time.

This time, I no longer dread going to class because hey, it's Friday okay? And Friday deserves better treatment than any other weekdays solely because it's name is Friday. Gosh how I love going back home to be pampered. I have tonnes of assignments to settle before I leave for Church Camp tomorrow though. My first Church Camp, I wonder how it'll be like.

I'm glad I've started all my assignments. At least now I'm no longer looking at blank worksheets. Have to get back to my work. Cannot slack anymore. Been enjoying life wayyyyyyy too much. Sigh, how come I feel I sound nerdy when I am really not. Ok, maybe I am. Yay, I am nerdy. *hugs self* <3 the nerdy me.

Back to work. All work and no play makes Ping Ping a not so happy girl. =))

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm emo

and I don't know why. I think it's just PMS. I'm sure it is.

And this song by 徐佳莹 – 失落沙洲 is not helping. =( Nope, not thinking of anyone but it's the song. I think Chinese songs are quite power. They make people feel very emo for no reason. Of course, the listener has to be some one who is easily emo- me.

Sigh, one of those days I wish I could curled up and sleep. But there's so many things to do, I cannot possibly curl up and sleep. I've just finished combining movie scripts. Pressing on ctrl+c and ctrl+v for 484 times has really taken it's toll on my short, fat fingers.

Poor fingers, I've decided to write a post to kind of like stretch it a bit.

Come on, you stretch your back when you got backache right? Stretch ur hands, ur legs, neck too when they aches right? So finger stretching is what my poor fingers need. They are rejoicing now, enjoying themselves, jumping around from one key to another. Cute lil' things they are.

I should get back to the assignment. =)) Hopefully I can get it done quick so that I can enjoy my church camp. No more lingering around tomorrow. Have to get my ass back to my room after BE+Bakti lunch to continue with my assignment. Will be best if I can get them done this week so that I can relax next week.

It's not fair to sit for Spanish test and not blog about them okay? It was....I would say not easy. The listening question was not hard but the speaker was super fast so I kinda got some and lost some and hentam-ed some. The numbers was a disappointment. I disappoint myself for forgetting. But all is well. =))

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Do not

open doors for strangers.

And always learn a few tricks from the mother on how to say 'no' to the sellers. =)) *proud* 'Look ma, I said no to a seller!'

I bet my mum is very proud of me. =)) I was the type of person who'll give people the last RM10 in my purse for charity or stuff like that because I do not know how to say 'No!' I'm a grown up now. I've learnt all these the hard way.

Do not be ashamed when your mother say 'No' to these people, especially when they show you the what's-her-problem? look. Instead, be proud of your mummy. I love you Ma.

A community shoutout brought to you by

Belated Birthday Wish to Yi Lin

Note: SO SORRY!!!!!! Was too busy yesterday. Actually onlined for like 20 minutes the whole of yesterday, which is an accomplishment - *pats self on the back* Good job Ping Ping.

*as usual, USMHotspot yang langsung tak hot cannot upload pictures, so bear with me.

Happy Birthday to the girl who is always, "Ok, sure, no problem" to everyone.
To the girl who sat beside me in Lower 6 when we had to sit at the back of the class. BESIDE DUSTBIN.
To a friend I've known for *counting with fingers* 7 years maybe?
To a friend who is ever so kind to help me and fetch me *gosh I have great friends*
To a camwhore in the making. *yes, we are converting all our friends to be camwhores*
<3 you lots.
May you get whatever you wished for. =))

*insert picture*
Visit for nice dresses.