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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cutest Thing EVER

Specially for the cousins and family members and those who simply lovesss old people.

My Cute Ah Ma.

Look at the last bite. XD

She's always cute when she's eating. She mastered the art of 'mulut senget' when she sees something she doesn't like, pretending to rub her nose and sniff sniff when she dislike certain smell and staring blankly into space when she's not enjoying the company. Cutest thing ever!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Totally Random

Was reading my cousin's blog when I remembered, I once used MJ in my life. I didn't know he was just a huge influence in my life.

Colours of the rainbow
Merah (Red)- Michael
Jingga (Orange)- Jackson
K (Kuning)- Kiss
H (Hijau)- His
B (Biru)- Brother
I (Indigo)- In
U (Ungu)- Utara

He does play an important part in people's life. Like Wei Wei used his plastic surgery as an example for her presentation.

Makan-makan at Smokey Jack

Was at a Musician Workshop at my church with Pao the other day. If anyone who KNOWS Altered Frequency, you are free to scold me. T__T Cause I don't know them though I talked to them and they were teaching us stuff (read: stuff cause all are music stuff and I'm not a pro).

We left for lunch with Che, her colleague and my mum in Smokey Jack at Upper Penang Road cause sis work there.

The whole concept there was a bit like jungle with 'old doors' as ceiling, cocoon as chairs, and lots of branches and roots everywhere. It is so real that it's a bit creepy.

I'm gonna start with three pictures of us cause mummy and che's colleague was late. =P


After placing our orders-two set meals, they serve us with two buns with three spreads. The two yellow ones on the side are sweet butter while the middle one is garlic butter spread. Yumness. The buns are fresh. We got two types of bun, one which is multi grain/wholemeal and another normal one. If you order just one set, they'll just give you the sweet butter. However, I think you can request for the garlic one if you want to give it a try.

The surrounding.

The soup of the day. I would not recommend you the soup as it has a very strong milky taste. Taste like baby's milk, probably because they put too much milk in it. Don't like it at all.

The salad. I like the salad though. The salad comes with a in house salad sauce cause it taste special. But yummy nevertheless. Besides, it's a healthier choice as it has lots of fibres.

Club Sandwich. Two thumbs up. I would love to go back to try this again because it's yummy. Very filling as there's four slices of bread. They stuff it with huge chicken breast, lots of vege and bacon. Two people can share this if you are not a big eater.

Onion rings. I don't know if it happened only the day we went or it's that bad. It is soggy, oily and totally NOT CRUNCHY AT ALL. Worst onion rings I've ever had. So I would suggest to them to either improve it or remove it from the menu. What a waste of money to order that.

Penne Chicken Pasta. This one is okay. It's rich with lots of cheese and cream. But I'm not a cream pasta person. I'm more to the Bolognese one so I couldn't appreciate this a lot but it was okay, we managed to finish this.
Would love to try the fish next time around because I heard it was good.
The toilet.

Dirty ol' Sink

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I will be a bad mom

What I cooked for lunch?

Pasta Salad.

1. Pasta
2. One whole tomato
3. Mixed vege / carrots / whatever you like.
4. Thousand Island sauce
5. Quarter slice cheese that you've been trying to finish the whole week.
6. Heh bi (Udang kering/dried shrimp). DON'T ASK WHY, I DON'T KNOW.

So I guess the one thing that will probably raise your eye brows is you WHAT THE *TOOT* is the heh bi doing there? Well, I innocently thought it is a type of seafood (shrimp what?) hence has protein in it. Then I thought it'll be plainly veges and carbs and I need protein so I boiled it as well.

Guess what? Don't put heh bi. Just eat it without the so-called protein. Doesn't make a different. Without the 'protein', it would have tasted fantabulous. But I ate it all. And please, just put in sausages if you want to. Even if you had some for breakfast. JUST DON'T PUT DRIED SHRIMP.

ps: I am not going to be a good mom. =(

On the side note, grandma cooked this two by request yesterday. Yumness.

Sambal Ikan. My favourite. It has been quite some time since she last cook this. But I love the spicy and sour taste. The gravy goes best with rice.

Ko Tao is actually mee sua, prawn, and tapioca flour I think. Double yumness. You can eat it on its own. There's two type of Ko Tao/Mee Sua Tao. My grandma's version is thicker whereas you can get slightly more watery one outside that tasted as though you are eating sharks fin. That one is best with black vinegar.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I thought it was war

Last night or more specifically this morning,
I suddenly heard a loud 'BOOM' and I woke up.
I was very tired, I could barely open my eyes,

Then I nudge Pao,
"What is happening?"
I held her tight and she just gave me the assurance tap,
I fall back into sleep, still holding her tight,
Then again, 'BOOM!'
I held even tighter.

It continued for quite some time,
waking me up in fear each time,
until I fall back into
deep slumber.

Then when morning came,
I wave my hand to my eldest sis who was in our room,
I made the tap-chest action and she asked,
'Why? Thunder ar?'
I nodded.
She smiled, 'I knew it.'

I received a message after that,
'hey michael jackson passed away d. Eh Mei u know
last night i yang u when u were scared? He he. When you asked
me why so loud i wanted to tell you It's war but too sleepy
to talk. Ha ha.'

Sigh, who do I run to when I'm afraid when I'm back in uni?

ps: When we first moved in, I really saw that zig-zag lightning across the sky and was traumatized ever since, thinking that it'll strike me.
pps: I really thought it was war. It sounded like we kena bomb. So terrifying.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where I really belong

It's such a bliss,
To be seated here,
Right in front of my computer,
Listening to songs,
Staring blankly
into the beautiful view from my window.

It's amazing how these beautiful roofs and the whole entire
scenery, though filled with buildings,
makes me feel that THIS IS MY PLACE,
This is where I belong.
Soon I'll have to go back to USM,
No such view, no family to go back to after class,
No good meal to look forward to,
No nice tv shows to share with the family,
No one to sleep beside me at night,
I'm gonna miss all this.
As I continue to look at the magnificient view,
I secretly wish I appreciate the family more.

Pampered Child 1

Since I've got nothing much to update lately, I'm going to update what I was fed every day. Different for each day okay?
Top L-R: The ever mafan to cook jiu hoo char, tau eu pork.
Bottom: My favourite-est soup Shang Hai Chai soup. WITH LOTS OF TOMATOES.

And the one and only person who made all these happened.

My Almighty Ah Ma. =))

ps: She'll ask, today got fish, how u want it?? Got prawns also. Sigh, 10 more days back to uni where good food almost does not exist.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Haze is finally cleared!!!

After heavy rains on and off these few days, the haze is finally cleared. I can finally see Butterworth!!!

Such nice weather to sleep in.

ps: Compare the pictures to this and this.

Love your beaches

I was browsing my blog and the nuffnang page yesterday and I saw this contest by DiGi. I've been a DiGi user since the first day I got my handphone. In fact, my whole family is in DiGi and I decided that I should join this contest.

I guess it's really time to speak up. I've always thought Malaysian students as compared to international ones are more reserved and we seldom contribute ideas in class. In my opinion, less talk, less scoldings. So I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself most of the time.

Since DiGi encouraged me to speak my mind, I shall speak!!!!

Last year, during Pao's birthday, we went to Pangkor Island. The beaches was MUCH cleaner than the ones we have in Penang although really, it's not exactly the cleanest beach I've seen. Then it struck me that we are exploiting God's creation and also our treasure.

Because Malaysia is a hot country, I'm sure many tourist would love to come and be able to enjoy the beaches here but with so many rubbish, we might have chased away potential tourist. It also showed how uncivilised we are to throw bottles, oranges *15 meh*, whatever plastic into the seas or on the beaches instead of the dustbin.

Get it right my friends, things like crabs, fishes, corals, belongs to the sea, rubbish belongs to the dustbin!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was a singer, poet and translator.

This is the exact excerpt from our chat.

Sue-YiN says:
wat cha doin

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:

Sue-YiN says:

Sue-YiN says:
make it rain

Sue-YiN says:
weather hot lah

Sue-YiN says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
i sing nice k?

Sue-YiN says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
no rain k???

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
clear blue skies

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
sun shining brightly as though it's smiling to me

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
i smiled back and continued singing

Sue-YiN says:

Sue-YiN says:
they r laughing larh

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
not laughing

Sue-YiN says:
teasing maybe

Sue-YiN says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:
blek ~

Sue-YiN says:
u bcom poet arh ?

Sue-YiN says:
sun smiling

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
cant let me sing in peace

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:
so many metaphore summore

Sue-YiN says:
cant tahan

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
wtf i tried to translate but i cant

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:
matahari ketawa terbahak bahak

Sue-YiN says:
ia memang sedang menyindir ku

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
Matahari begitu terik sekali, seperti cuba melemparkan senyuman ke arah aku

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
aku membalas senyumannya lalu bernyanyi

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:
saya melontarkan senyuman yang paling indah sekali untuk memenangi hati nya

Sue-YiN says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:

Sue-YiN says:
saya gagal

Sue-YiN says:

Sue-YiN says:
this is makna konotasi

pingping : haze cleared a little. *cough* says:
i give up

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weird Dreams

Dreams as in sleep and dream and not the impian.

Anyway, been having lots of weird dreams lately and it's not helping especially when I need all the brain juice I have to do something I really want to but has no inspiration.

Dream 1
I saw lots of lizards on the floor and shouted to my sister, Pao to kill them. There's like 10 of it all over the floor and Pao was a bit reluctant at first then suddenly, she unleashed the super power in her and jumped like some mad woman, hitting those buggers with i-forgot-what and screaming like some scary person.

Then she stamped on them and keep shouting and I was sitting there, totally stunned. Then I saw a few of them near me and I woke up.

It's weird cause I've not encountered much lizards that will cause me to dream of them lately. The only one I saw that afternoon was the one on that man's leg- his freaking tattoo.

Dream 2
Today I dreamt that I was at someone's place, i-forgot-who and was bathing. The toilet is some weird one where they have doors but it's kind of like open air. The height of the wall is like to my shoulder and maybe higher a little.

I dreamt that someone (whose house I was in but I forgot who is it), was looking at me when I was bathing. T___T So scary and I tried to hide but somehow I couldn't though the wall is not exactly very low.

I woke up in fear at 9.00 a.m., an hour earlier than I usually does. =s

ps: Am loving all the CDs by the Koreans who came for Korean Praise I bought during church service yesterday.

Hide me now,
Under your wings,
Cover me,
Within Your mighty hands.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Games and Stealing

Note: Please don't come and lecture me about stealing on the internets and all those, I am not a perfect person living in an imperfect world.

So I was sitting there, playing my Barn Buddy on my Facebook with my sis looking over my shoulder. I have an impressive (to me) 114,562 BB coins (BB-Barn Buddy) in my account and sitting at the 7th level of the game.

Pao : So this is what you do all the time?

Ping : Yep, it's kinda fun you know. I'm rich here!!!

Pao : Basically you go to everyone's farm and steal their crops and then sell it? And sometimes water their plants or clear weeds and bugs?

Ping : Yups. *still too engrossed in the game to look at the poor sister*

Pao : Why would you water people's plant or clear weeds and bugs when you steal their crops?

Ping : Oh, cause we get BB coins and improve our experience to increase our level.

Pao : This game not good la, teaches kids to steal.

Ping : Sometimes I get bitten by dogs if they have one. And I'll lose coins.

Pao : And you even get bitten by dogs. *shrugged, gave up and left me alone*

Although I am big enough to know it's not right to steal in a real life situation, this game actually got me really thinking and feeling like a thief. I mean it's fun to get lots of coins and steal from people's crops and get people scolding you in their customized message. I mean if I were to plant my own crops and only sell my own crops, it'll take a much longer time to get to my first 100k.

Besides, if I don't steal from people, people will steal my crops. Then after I stole from people, I have to go on else people will continue stealing mine. Then I rugi la. Although this might not be how a thief feels like but really, that feeling suck. Cause I'll be so worried of my crops being stolen.

And imagine, the only reason I go around clearing people's weeds like I really care (initially I did it out of love before I found out I can earn exp points and coins.) is because I'll get rewarded. What kind of nonsense is this? That's it, I'm leaving the game. I won't have time for it when I'm back in uni anyway.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yi Lin brought us to Kapitan & Gasoline

Note: Title is like that because Win and I can't drive. So there's always someone who'll fetch us to go to places. So in future, I'll name my posts like this. =))

It was the night before I'll leave for KL and the last time I see Swee Win for this holiday. Dressed up and left home at about 9.30p.m.

Ordered cheese naan only to be greeted with shiny layer of oil. Wasted lots of tissue papers, wiping the oil off the naan. What is this man. After eating our so-called supper, they suggested that we go to Gasoline at Time Square. I've never been there. I've been to Gasolines in KL but never the one in Penang so we said YES!
Win was a little late so we took pictures while walking to Gasoline.

Then Win is not there yet so we took more camwhore pictures in the 'cave'. We were supposed to be cavewoman.
Then Win came. With her mum.

If you don't know how Win calls someone, refer to above picture. Swee Win is hitting her mum (hard) to ask her what she wants to order.
Then we took a IC photo. T__T Sit so straight. Bag used to hide tummy.

While waiting for the food, we took even more photos. Last photo on the left is to show that I got long fingers while Yi Lin doesn't. =)) And us pointing at a unsuspecting bat.

Food comes and TARZAN IS THE BEST DRINK EVER!!!! Chocolate with banana. Bestest. Order Tarzan ok? You don't have to be Jane.

Then again, mandatory pictures with food. Don't ask me why lok, it's like a tradition. We always pose with food. Had a great night with these lovelies and got home slightly after 1am. Gosh, gonna miss everyone when everyone is no longer in Penang. =((

Very bad haze in Penang

Remember the last post? Where I posted up these two pictures? I thought it was bad enough, now it's worst.

Yesterday, you can still see a little of the buildings behide Island Plaza ( it's the one beside the newly built building - picture 2).

Although you can barely see Butterworth and can barely make out the sea, it's still bearable.

Today's condition? At most you can see Island Plaza and that's it.

Even Island Plaza is almost covered with the haze. Compare the last two pictures with the previous two and you'll be amazed.

Stay in peeps. Drink more water while I go out to do my facial. T___T Made appointment already. Drive carefully.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The haze is back

And believe me, IT'S BAD!!!!

Before we moved into this new place which is actually not very new anymore (1 year plus), I will walk out of my house and try to snap pictures of hazy skies. I remembered starting this blog with a post of the hazy sky. I was rather lame last time.

Anyway, it's back now and it's so much easier for me to know if it's hazy because of the wonderful view we have in our place.

Photos of evidence.

On normal nights when there's no haze.

Beautiful isn't it? You can see the lights on the mainland.

On normal days when haze is not a problem.

You can see the mountains, a little of the mainland's building.

On a day where haze is terrible (today)

No mountains, let alone the buildings on the mainland. I could barely see the sea.

Zoom in, look at the buildings on the mainland. Very vague right? All covered by the haze.

It rained a while just now but it's not clearing up the sky. Guess we'll have to drink lotsa water to prevent getting sick. =))

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deep thoughts

Have you ever felt so angry about one thing but the person who made you angry about it doesn't feel a thing?

And then you pinch/punch (depends how violent you are) yourself silly because you are angry?

And it makes you feel even worst because that person is ignorant about it?

You think you are being sensitive (just like how everyone said you are).

You began to stop trusting even yourself because you don't know whether you are reacting normally or being overly touchy?

Sigh, one of those days when I put my thinking cap on.

ps: Nope, no one made me angry lately. =P As happy as a bird. Er..whatever.

Shan brought us to Roti Bakar Arang

The title said it all. It started with me asking Shan if she knows there's a shop in town selling bread that is toasted with charcoal. She went home ask daddy and ajak-ed us for a breakfast trip. So off we went.

The three girls who left home slightly after 10.30 a.m. just for bread at the top right picture. It is actually at a small lane somewhere alone Kampung Malabar. In between coffee shops.

They really uses charcoal to toast the bread. The top part they boil water for coffee and other beverages while the bottom part they toast the bread. There's three types of bread, normal, coffee and chocolate. On our trip, the coffee one finished. So we had two normals and one chocolate.

Yums, and three sets of eggs. Win had a packet of nasi lemak as well. Her favourite food in the world.
The two girls enjoying their food. No picture of me eating because I was the cameragirl. I think the bread was alright. I heard their coffee is good. I love the company with me that day though.

Just one picture of me and Shan. What's the chinese word behind ar?
After eating our breakfast, we went to Gurney again for the N times that week. I was actually supposed to find stuff to wear for the Standout Party but to no avail. So we went Kim Gary for lunch.
We are busy women. All busy with handphones.

Ordered these yummies. Ate in a rush because Shan's brother is waiting for us in TARC. T___T Why is it that when Win and I are around, we are always late for something?

Mandatory shots with the drinks. Don't ask me why.

One more to end this post. Sigh, she's back in Sabah already. Will only see her in Nov/Dec.