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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why want higher UV?

It's what you enjoy writing that matters. That's what most of the people will say. Especially when I complain about getting low UV. Complaining about getting low UV and writing about what I like has no connection lor. At least to me.

I complain and complain and complain but at the end of the day, I write what I enjoy writing. I write about my travel, I write about my life, I write about my thoughts, I write about what I love most -chasing artiste. In fact through blogging I get to go so many places to try out their food, to see the place and to capture the memories. Without blogging, I doubt I'll even go around taking picture of things that amazed me.

Seriously, you have to read at what the blogger write first, at least a few postings before you conclude that the blogger write about things she doesn't enjoy to drive in traffic. My previous posting about how some people can have so many UV are basically of people who write what they really like. They write what they have been writing and enjoying every bits of it. That's what got me curious.

But at the end of the day, it's still your posting la. If people do not like my posting which is something I am expecting, my blog UV will go down in matter of days. Maybe one day, maybe two days. But it'll go down to where it was because I do not have loyal readers, yet. One can always dream right? =)

Ok la, I'll state why I want higher UV.
1. Because I want what I write to be read. Eh, you write for a long time and no one reads, no matter how hard or how you tried to make your postings interesting, no one reads or leave a comment. You write liao syok or not? And when you think it's something wonderful, you want to share, but here, ghost also don't want come, you'll lose the motivation.

2. Comments and suggestions or at least clicks motivates you to blog. At least you know someone is looking at your blog, your blog is no longer invisible to others. At least when you ask question, got people layan you.

3. For money purpose. Tell me you don't love money. -.- And who say we cannot write what we like?

Can think of this nia.


Peter said...

for some fun? how bout u?

Mrs Chong said...

at least i know someone is reading. not so lonely. if not like bodoh only, syok sendiri

Anonymous said...

I'm seeking for more meaningful comments than unique visits.
I've come to stage where I realise that earning through blogs are not feasible.
I maintain my blog for the comments and the connection between bloggers.

Mrs Chong said...

problem is, my blog not much people comment, let alone constructive comments. T.T People read and don't comment. So, the only satisfaction I can get is through UV.

ps: I say not much, not don't have.

Fireopal said...

my blogs a collection of thoughts and all..

it helps me improve my linguistic skills at the same time and also serves as a ways of letting others remember me should I be gone...

3POINT8 said...

Well, i find this particularly useful to me. I try to leave meaningful comments in other people's blog. The good bloggers will always return the favour.
And sometimes it's good to hear someone's feedback. It gives me encouragement to blog more.

Fireopal said...

true... comments give good encouragement to read!

Anonymous said...

ahahah. i agree with everybody here!

Blogging is a passion and not just writing things people want to read. Blog about the things that touch your heart and with honesty..and i think more people will visit your blog.

I hate those who blog to please other people and their obvious attempts of garnering UV.

Anonymous said...

eh eh.. im very loyal one u noe.. haha.. i come in everyday... but but.. i malas lar wanna give comment.. nanti comment salah.. malu lar .. hehehe

Anonymous said...

p/s: i forgot to say.. MY MSN HATES ME TOO NOW!.. arghhhh.....

Mrs Chong said...

fireopal and 3point8: I know what you guys mean. But when I talk about UV, people will start telling me to write what I like. Like I am not.

choco: Ok la, I think I am not that kind yet.

meg: yea..i know many of you read without commenting. most people do that.. =) And mine is STILL hating me. T.T

3POINT8 said...

Nah, I'm not searching for a high number of comments. 1 or 2 good ones that made me think, or 1 or 2 that can make me laugh is good enough for me dy.
Lucky for me, I got more than 1 or 2 in every blog post.
And now that I know who are the ones who can can make me laugh or think, I usually post back a quality comment in their blog post. and they do the same for me most of the time now. Its like a give and take thing.

Mrs Chong said...

3point8: Thanks..seriously..I guess some people are lucky to have one or two, some are even luckier. Will keep this in mind. =) thanks for all those good advices. you are one good commentator..

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