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Sunday, May 04, 2008

A day at Pasar Malam Kampung Melayu

There are two types of pasar malam (night market). One is of a mixture of Malay, Indian and Chinese where you can get them at almost every residential area while another one is the Malay's Pasar Malam, usually at places where there are more Malays. The muhibah one will have more things like food, clothings, accessories, eye candies and much more while the Malays one are usually of food, food and more food.

I've been staying at the Air Itam-Paya Terubong area all my life until I moved to a new place this year. The pasar malam at Kampung Melayu has been our Monday makan place when three years ago. Just the other day, I went back there and bought some makanan ringan.

I always love their white fried bee hoon. Used to have it every Thursday when I was staying at my old place. Thursday was our pasar malam day. Stopped going to pasar malam when I moved here. T.T

Cucur!!! I love cucur cause of the kacang. Lol. Yum yum. Used to have it in school. T.T Lama tak makan.

Sis's favourite. Kueh Keria. Expensive though. 10cents for one tiny little one.

My favourite. Samosa!!! With sardine inti. Yum yum.

This is another type of kueh la. Entah apa nama. Used to be 4 for RM1, now, 3 for RM1.

Kuehs, kuehs, and more kuehs. All the lepat lepat la.

Don't know what is it but no one wants to try, so tak beli.

Mum LOVES this. Pulut Udang. Sedap betul. I took a sinful bite.

All sort of rice that I've never tried. Got nasi ulam, glutinous rice with durian, dodol and other unique looking rice.

My all time favourite!! KEROPOK LEKOR!!! I love love love love love keropok lekor. Used to have it in school. Missing it so much now.

Fry fry fry my lekor. Yum yum.

Rice with durian and coconut milk. Is it that yummy?? Should I try?

Murtabak. I love this type of murtabak, just a small piece which makes you crave for more. If you buy a normal size one, you will eat until you jelak.

More kueh and coconut base delicacy. Can see, cannot eat. T.T

I enjoyed my jalan-jalan cari makan at Kampung Melayu Pasar Malam a lot!!!!!! Enjoy looking at the food though I can't eat some of them.

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