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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why my family is special?

You get presents/pampered for no apparent reason. And I absolutely love it. I still remember how I was upset that I did badly for Maths which is true by the way. I got Swkanky for doing badly. How cool is that?

And today, I got not a very membanggakan result and guess what? My sister brought me to this very atas (high class) restaurant for dinner. There's like no people there because it's expensive and I felt like I am a rich man's daugther la which we are not. Sadly. It's to celebrate my not-so-membanggakan result.

Anyway, my sisters are thinking of having a theme birthday party for me. Hopefully Emmoes and Bentengs can attend. Last one before we leave to lead our own lives. =( I'll miss you people badly.

ps: Was reading my blog post on November and I'm missing those PBA days badly now. =( Shan, when wanna go PBA? T.T

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