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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sourire Pour Moi《十分笑容》cast in Gurney 29032008

A brief introduction to the show although last Saturday was the last episode already. Was watching it from Gurney with the casts. Okay, I was there to see them because I a bit sesat with the show. =P Anyway, this show was aired on Astro every Saturday at 7.30p.m. Most of the actors and actresses are from Astro Talent Quest and other Astro's competition and also my all time favourite, Lin Yu Zhong. Kind of fall in love with him after watching Yuan Dian and never stopped loving him. =P

Now, all the supporters are mui mui chai. I used to be mui mui chai before I turn 20. My mui mui chai years have passed me by and I am walking towards my -ties and not -teens. Next Monday will be the day I turn -ties. Damn, I want to stay -teens la. Now, I dare not even shout when I see artiste, because I am so blardy old lor. Mui mui chais will give me weird stares lor.

The cast that came are Rynn Lim or better know as Lin Yu Zhong, Jojo, Crystal, Zax, Frankie, Jyin, Heng and Vincent. To those who did not go, Vincent so cute can? So handsome. They came and talk talk about the show lor. Picture time. Description in between.

The director. Are all directors like this or they just have to act like this? The refuse to talk, act cool, don't like to be interview kind of style.

First to be introduced was Heng. Something something Heng.

The Vincent we like is the one in white. So cute la. I like. By the way, it's Vincent, Frankie and Heng. Lol, my two cousin, Vincent and Heng. Damn coincidence la. Vincent and Heng, my cousins, are brothers leh. =P

Introducing, Jojo, Lin Yu Zhong and heh, Vincent.

If you don't like Yu Zhong, I like. Hahaha, see below. So cute, he was like moving, showing hand signs with the fans, taking picture, playing with mic, sway left and right while the rest were being interviewed.

Yu Zhong ear itchy. =P So cute. And he talks a lot. It's amazing. I used to think he is the don't like to talk one.

Muahahaha, 9 shots of Yu Zhong. Don't be green eye monster. And Jojo is so skinny la. But I like her style.

Yu Zhong standing there taking picture, talking once in a while and look at Jojo, flat tummy. -.-

Jojo and Yu Zhong getting ready for the final episode being aired.

The three late-comers. Zax, last year ATQ winner, Crystal and Jyin

After the show, Yu Zhong, Jojo and Crystal went up to talk about the ending.

Then Yu Zhong sang. I was up there, first floor, watching.

More of Yu Zhong. =P I like.

Ending picture. =)

There is this one part where Jojo talked about how the Director is such a unique person, you will never know what he wants you to do. First, they don't have a script. They only know what their next scene would be when the director describe it to them.

And, his method to tell Jojo of a kissing scene is by giving her a piece of chewing gum first before breaking the news to her. So she happily took the chewing gum and kena trapped.

Yu Zhong who got to the set late was not given a chewing gum but a whole coconut drink. And then, he sat beside Yu Zhong and tell him, later, you jump down the water, get up, and kiss. Ta-da. And Yu Zhong was bising-bising la. So cute.

And the Director lied to Crystal telling her that she won't die in the last episode. Hohoho, this one betul betul die already also don't know what happened. =P

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