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Monday, March 24, 2008

How to get water out from your ear?

You know how water always find its way into your ears when you go swimming? It's driving me crazy. I am so worried that it will get infected and got nanah. Ewwww.

Sister taught me two methods but macam not working.
1. Tilt your head and put water into that side of your ear until you feel it's full and then quickly tilt to the other side and water will come rushing out.

2. Jump jump jump until the water, usually hot/warm, comes out.

The truth is, now I feel there's more water in the ear cause I added water, remember? And I get dizzy from all the jumping with head tilting to one side. =S


And hor, are those insects we see after rain a type of termites? Or will they turn into termites? I heard people telling me that since young. If yes, die liao lor, outside my house got berlambak (a lot) okay? Some more big big red red one. Scary.

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