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Monday, March 10, 2008


It kills before it started, when it is on-going and now when it's over!!!!
Shan, Wan Mei and I been talking bout STPM result tomorrow. To people who ajak me out, I dare not promise because I am afraid that if my result is terrible, I cannot go lepak. I must go home, cry and eat my hearts out. =(
I blardy kia-su and blardy useless I know. I just don't want to cry in front of people. I have never failed in any examination before but I have a feeling that it will happen this time. =(


Anna said...

Dun worry Ah Ping, no matter what your result is, your mom, dad , ah mah, your two body guards oops! i mean your two sis, your uncles, your aunts, your cousins, your friends and the whole world still loves you very much.

If you get a good result we will be happy for you but if you don't get a good result its ok, that is not the end of the world ok, many successful people (Bill Gates and many others) don't even finish their college and yet they are so successful. Be tough, be strong we will support you no matter what. Good luck and all the best! Think positive.

Ping Ping said... sweet... =) I guess I am not that scared now. Just that haih, the waiting kills....

ERNST said...

Come what may... just take it as one of the many crossroads in the long journey of life. Whatever the outcome, be it good or bad... contemplate on what you can learn from this experience and gain wisdom rather than paying too much focus on the results.DONT WORRY BE HAPPY ALWAYS!

Ping Ping said...

yea yea...but now, cold hands and cold feet