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Monday, March 24, 2008

Quan Nan Ban 230308

I know nuts about Quan Nan Ban but they came over to Gurney, Penang the other day and it's so near my place, it's like a sin not to go. Besides, it's like part of the chasing artiste mission so I went. I only know Dave Pei Jie, the winner of Digi Celebriteen who sang Wo Di Yi Hao Peng You (My Number 1 Good Friend). He is cute.
Anyway, I found out that Quan Nan Ban is a group of singers, 8 singers namely Eric Lim (not the tuition teacher -.-"), Danny Wan, Dylan Liong (I love. =P Step Forward host), Dave Pei Jie, Michael (a dancer), Joseph (also a contestant in Digi Celebriteen but did not win), Wayne(a song writer) and finally, Richard (their sifu or something).

I think Dave and Joseph are cute. =P So I went, Victor was the emcee, another of my favourite from Malaysian Idol because he sang Put Your Head On My Shoulder and I fell in love with that song.

He seem to be more talkative now probably because he is more comfortable with Mandarin. He looks better now. Not as skinny as last time. And I love the song he sang.

Ok la, this Michael is kind of cute la. =P

Dave!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I like.

Michael and 10 year old Nicholas break dancing. Chun body over there.

Muscular. But not too extreme. Just nice. =P

Michael and Nicholas breakdancing. Nicholas, damn good for his age (read:10). And he is such a shy kid.

Joseph. I love his innocent boyish look.

Oh, melts when he smiles.

Cute Cute. =P

Wayne, the one who writes songs.

I know I am unfair. But I like him.

A very cheeky and friendly artiste I would say. Would love to hear and see more of him.

Joseph taking good care of Nicholas. Lol, that budak so comel.

L-R: Nicholas, Joseph, Richard, Wayne,Michael, Dave Pei Jie. Wayne is the song writer.

Their songs. Ju-Yen recorded them. So, there you go, enjoy, and say thanks to Ju-Yen. =P

Tian Shi De Sheng Ying (Angel's Voice)

Di Yi Hao Peng You (Number 1 Friend) By Dave

Nicholas and Michael dancing

Joseph and Wayne singing Eric Lim's song. Wayne took many many oldies and combine them together and let Eric Lim sing. Something like that. Shan, I bought the cd, so got the song d. Finally.

ps: Maklumat yang lebih tepat ada dalam comment. =P Wa mia maklumat sekadar tafsiran sendiri.

pps: Their album is my best buy for now.


Monkey said...

Quan Nan Ban consists of 8 celebrities.. but they split into 2 smaller groups.. QNB Seniors and QNB Juniors.. Seniors are Eric,Danny,Dlyan and Richard... Juniors are Pei Jie, Michael, Joseph and Wayne..
Richard is oso a song writer.. and hes da one who teaches them to sing.. dats why all of them call him si fu..

Ping Ping said...

But Wayne writes also right?

Akira 思胜 said...

Hihi, glad to see u there also... Thanks for visiting ya...

Monkey said...

yeah.. wayne writes too..