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Friday, March 21, 2008

Bausch And Lomb Commercial

The title of the commercial is 《Love At First Sight 爱。美丽》. It is only aired on ntv7 so try to catch it on television at 6.58p.m and 9.28 pm. I love that commercial. As I was away for almost a week, I only saw the advertisement today. I immediately go youtube and look it up.

Episode one where 黄明慧 Ng MengHui turned into a beauty after taking off the specs.

Episode Two where Chan Kwok Fai 曾国辉 is super cute while kena attack by some tak-handsome-pun lady killer.

I love this because, heh, Kwok Fai is in it. Walao, Chan Kwok Fai leh, 曾国辉 wor. I mean I love his songs but not a true blue fan of his but to see him in a commercial, that's cool. =P And I was at Singapore complaining how Singapore advertisement got all the cool cool celebrities while ours got some tak kenal people in them.

I have to admit though, the part where cheerleaders come out, a bit lame. But I can live with it simply because Kwok Fai is in it

I am beginning to love local entertainment industry more. =P

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