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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sentosa- Underwater World

I just came back from Singapore this morning. Anyway, I went on a 6 day trip and I had lots of food, I walked a lot and I had lots of fun. At first I do not know whether to blog about New Zealand first or to blog about KL or Singapore because I got 5 more days in NZ and few more places in KL not blogged. Then I thought, ai-yah, Singapore easier. Fresher. =P So here goes. Will put up more pictures and type less. Else kena nag again.

So while waiting for my pictures to load, Sentosa is an island, DUH!! You can get there by ferry, car, cable car or monorail like we did. All you have to do is go to Vivocity which is situated at Harbour Front if you are taking MRT and ask around till you get to the monorail station or whatever other station you want to get to. The monorail to Sentosa cost us S$3 per person. I would suggest you people to go Sentosa. Seriously, I loved it.

ps: Vivocity is a mall lor.

Vivocity itself is a good place to walk around. If you are there, check out a shop for animal lovers. I did not manage to go in and see but would love to go back Singapore and enter that shop. There's another one to make teddies. Did not manage to enter as well.

When you see this Merlion, you know you are in SINGAPORE!!! Taken at Sentosa.

Some garden in Sentosa with such bird statues around and people hanging their wishes on the tree. At one point, I thought it was for the love wishes. But then I do see some all the best as well. Cheesy la these people.

Siloso beach, where those who can wear bikinis show their beautiful bodies while those who can't, STAND AND WATCH!!! =P Singapore girls damn sexy. Bikini nia, walk here walk there liao.

Beautiful beautiful beach.

If this was camera shifted a little to the right, you would see some unpleasant sight la. A bunch of ballooned tummy non-chinese (like it makes difference) ah pek positioning themselves facing those sweet young things playing volley ball in their bikinis. Well, I suppose they were those who were there to WATCH because they certainly did not have a nice body to show. Gross.

Some crafted batu before you get to a place called Image of Singapore I think. Did not enter.

Highlight of the day, the underwater world. See that thumbs up on sharks. ME LOVE SHARKS!!

That is my hand, holding a starfish. You are allowed to touch the starfishes (just in case some people coming in acting like they are the guard for the underwater world, telling me I shouldn't have touched it.)

How does it feels like? ROCK! Seriously. So keras.

Some cacing like ikan which is very geli-fying la. And you know why they are like standing up? We are not sure but we were thinking it was because of the plankton (food) given to them.

Some coral. I love the colorful view. But I dare not go scuba diving la. One day, maybe one day I would. If I mention why I am scared, those scuba divers out there don't come and flame me ok? I scared I not yet go down, sudah float up. Some more scared I'll get freaked out if I see some not so friendly looking fish and got drown in there. Ya la, lame la. But I memang think like that ma.

Do you know what you are looking at?? Some corals??? Look carefully, behind those red bush of sea plants, it's a weird looking fish. It is called Rhinopias Scorpianfish

Seahorses. I love seahorses.

I used to think I am good at drawing them. But Arts teachers weren't exactly the nicest teachers in primary school you see. English and Maths teachers were the good ones. Anyway, I got a C- and I stopped thinking I am good at drawing them. =(

Crabby crabby. Looks good. I think it'll taste well with the normal chilli sauce with some egg thingie, if you know what I mean.

One of the workers there. Busy washing the aquarium.

Ah chak. Smile. =P They say look like human.

Is that a shark? Or just a big fish? I can't remember liao.

There they are. The Sharks!!!! I've always loved sharks.

Why sharks? Why not crocodiles or anacondas? They act in movies and they eat people too. Simply because sharks give me this suspense feeling la. Like you see their fins, then people hilang from the surface, and next thing you know, it's either a pool of blood or some parts of the human float up. It's that kind of feeling you know? You that you felt you are safe, and suddenly, these almighty sharks come flying up *literally* and your friend is now only a hand. =P

Yes, that's me, admiring the sharks.

And looking at them at a closer view. Like on television la.

Look at the killer teeth. SO COOL!!!

It's like a Shark's Fin Club. All hanging out.

Sis and her bf. Put this up cause I love the sharks in this picture.

Moved on to the jelly fish. So transparent one.

Like a topi. =P

A complicated afair. See how they are tangled to each other?

Jelly fish, jelly fish. =)

Walao, backstroke some more. More like a terbalik stroke.

Hey Nemo, wassup? So, your father found you? Is that a Nemo anyway? =P


m.e.n.t.a.l.i.u.n.s.t.a.b.l.e. said...

can u see the sharks tahi hidung ??
n that stingray memang look like human la..scary..

Ping Ping said...

got tahi hidung kar???i go see again.. =P