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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Cindy still in meh???

I don't know her but from her blog which I wont put up here because I don't want her to earn more money from nuffnang,m uahahaha, kidding, nah take this!! I know you want to click on it. Ya. As I've said, from her blog and from what I see on Malaysian Dream Girl, I don't like her lor. I can't believe she got in and Valerie got kicked out.

To those who has yet to watch Malaysian Dream Girl, go to . To hate Cindy, go Episode 7 Part 3. Damn when she talked to the father. Like she very pah pai (er, hokkien. don't know how to explain, like very VIP like that la.) like that. I don't like others also will vote for them so that Cindy get lowest votes and kena tendang.

If you read her blog, you'll see that she post up damn porn star photos in her blog and hor, her brother take for her one. No eye see. She can't even go in FHM lor. So bitchy. Better go home and cry for many many days for yourself la. See liao also sien.

But then also don't know la. Maybe they ask her to act nia leh? Because want to buat drama ma. But then hor, should be real one la. Read her blog also know she tai siu che already. Hope she leaves next week. Like this call Malaysian Dream Girl ar? Who wants to be like her?
And hor, this one no add cannot. She got 7 Friendster account. You say siao or not? That is like 7 freaking thousand friends lor. Who the hell got 7000 friends and be at the bottom for two weeks continuously? A bit sad case lor

PS: Die, sis's fish mati tong kiau. Cham. Am I in charge of the fishes? I don't know leh. The fish sudah dikebumikan in the dustbin kut. Aiya, we always rear fish all die one ma. Why bother to rear some more?

I was complaining about the hot weather and mum let me on the air-cond.
Me: Hot until want pengsan already.
Mum: On air-cond la you dumb dumb.
Me: Ok. *walks to the window, closes all the windows and doors**walks to the sofa, sit down, turn tv on*
Me: Wa~~~ Still hot.
Me: Hee. No wonder la, lagi hot that just now.


Anonymous said...

I concur - how the heck can Kenny Sia say she is damn sizzlign hot la ????? he blind is it? siow tarak standard sial. seriously not like i damn pretty tyra banks hot la...but then ah...her face like pancake leh...flat as hell. not say got assets oso? Summore haiyo i beh tahan watch her la. i feel like if i meet her i need to slap her leh.

Ping Ping said...

hmm...u dun seem like u like her a lot huh??? =P same here...

Anonymous said...

i damn geli hear her talk with the 'wannabe' accent. OMG pleease la go study tasmania what? 6months? max oso 2 years? can get accent. Please la cina means cina la....I have been making a living in Australia for 5 years now, I still know my roots. When it is called for to not sound kampung like when I talk to the board of directors or clients ...ok la kan if i put on my polished (not wannabe accent)...but if talk to kaki lang malaysians...haijor...pls laaaaaaaa

Ping Ping said...

yea...everyone hate that accent lor...actually if they say she is not that bitchy in person and stuff, since she knows that this is going to be recorded, she can save all the bitching to her dad or bitching about she dun mind crying many many times for other ppl as long as she is still in.

listen d really dun want her to win ler...

Anonymous said...

haijor Cindy sitll in - no eye see ah!!!. My god, the dad say MDG unfair because show all the bad points and that MDG does not give her the opprotunity to showcase her talent. FAR OUT UNCLE! your daughter ACTING in the damn program la, not enough ah? Already spend $$ on her theatrical education, she's showcasing it already laaa...she has even admitted to 'not being herself' to keep the peace in the house. Anyway haijor it's TO MA TO. not To meh toes. Please la jangan nak force the accent. One can speak the Queen's English and not have to force (as Cindy has expertly demonstrated) the damn spastic accent, which is not even australian, nor american nor canadian nor bri'ish.

Ping Ping said...

yes yes. In the latest episode, she said something like this show is going to be shown to everyone in the world and she thinks she should speak English.

Then she say something like she doesn't want to be those who speaks Malay and we think they are laid back.

Harlo, can get the facts right ar? People don't care if you speak English lor. People just can't tolerate the fake accent when you speak English. Stop rolling the tongue can?

Anonymous said...

I really cannot tahan ah. Furthermore my favourite, Eyna is out. In my opinion she's got the most talent amongst all. I guess again, it is not Malaysian Top Model kan, it IS after all Malaysian Dream Girl. Hmm maybe the objetive of the program should be more specific. Should rename the program, Malayisan Popular Girl. Anyway that aside, seriously, I htink in person this Cindy is really a person to love or to loathe. She seem to think there's something wrong with the rest of the house (except valerie - very tolerant) because they can not get along with her. Hmmm I really feel the odds are, that the problem lies with her. So Cindy, Honey (ewe as much as it makes me wanna regurtitate the dried apricots I have just ingested)....get a grip. People do not like you very much. Maybe it's time to reflect. You're not everyone's princess after all.

Anonymous said...

menyampah kaw kaw LOLz