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Friday, March 21, 2008

Singapore MRT

MRT is like the main public transport people take in Singapore. I mean you can get to shopping malls by MRT because some MRT stations are situated below the mall. Like you walk up, can see the mall already. So convenient. And you won't get tipu-ed lor.

Singapore government always educate their people about how to avoid terrorist attack or how to avoid dengue. I always have this thought in my head and I did not say anything until one day, I told Pao and that was exactly what she was thinking as well.

There's this clip on how to be alert if you notice something is wrong like someone left a huge tour bag on the MRT cause that might consist bomb. They teach you how to deal with it, how to ask for help and how to get out from the MRT and stuff.

Pao and I was thinking, imagine la, you busy watching the clip, where got time to notice the bag?? Then I thought, ai-yah. We sua-pa keep watching nia ma. Singaporean or those who stays there don't ma. =P

So, don't expect us to notice if someone is going to blow us up.

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