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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Suitable Web Host

I've been using blogspot since I started blogging few years back. I jumped from blogspot to xanga to blogspot to multiply and to blogspot again. I've never really thought of getting my own domain and actually pay for my blog because, I earn nothing from blogging, it was just a passion.

Then a friend gave me and it's all nicely done for me and he is still helping me to edit everything. I know nuts about web hosting; I don't know how much do I have to pay, which one is good, which one has better reputation, which one is famous for always breaking down on you, how to maintain it and stuff like that.

In fact, I don't even know what is
web hosting. What they do and stuff. I went googling for it. We need to find someone to host our web to make it accessible to others I think. It was this web hosting website that got me interested to know more about it and gave me guides on getting a suitable web host. Who knows, one day, I might need it.

Besides providing tips on which web hoster is the best, the owner of this site also provide free downloads of templates. Over 52 designs are up on the site right now and all available for downloads. Hop on and see if you can get what you need over there.

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