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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Afalean Lu Xue Rui 卢学叡 was in Penang!!!!!

Xiao Mei (小美) came to Gurney Plaza last night at about 7.30 and he did not leave until almost 9.00p.m lor!!! Before I post up pictures for everyone to drool on and for his fans to find their way in here, I'll talk a bit about Xiao Mei. He is from Xing Guang Bang 星光幫, he got fourth in season one and he just released an album recently. He came over to promote his album.

I did not expect Xiao Mei to look like that. Seriously. I mean in person. He is rather muscular, and he is tall and he seems BIG as in I don't know. Like very strong and you'll be fine with him. Because he is so tall and everyone else are so tiny!!! It's been a really really long time since I last saw anyone like that because Malaysians are either tall but damn skinny or muscular but not so tall. And he has the smoothest face lor!! Taiwan water cleaner is it?

I did not get his album because it's RM40 for 4 new songs and 3 songs from the competition. Lately money hard to earn, no more cash to spare. If he comes again, I think I will buy lor. I a bit regret actually. Because he smiled and shook hands and talked to every one lor not like my past experience with one of the international group artiste. Picture time.

The host. Not Malaysian kut, cause her mandarin damn slang.

He came up and I was like, WOAH!! SO TALL!!!

The second picture is of him dancing with was really really cute. =P

I was so captivated with his smile. Everytime he smiles, I smile. So retarded can die.

As you can see, most of the pictures of him are when he smiles.

There's picture of him smiling, picture of him and his fans and picture of him drinking.

Xiao Mei's muka confuse when they put up wrong song for him to sing.

If you notice a hand on my first picture. There's this one guy waving like mad at the show.

Xiao Mei giving his autograph. Cute nyerrrr.

I have many more of his pictures but I can't possibly post them all up right? So, heee, I am going to develop them. La la la.


Eleanor Cheng said...

sob sob i din get to attend
btw i love ya pics...

Ping Ping said...

hey...aiyo...nvm nvm..he will come again...then we can go and see him again..he is so cute, all his pictures are so cute...

the picture is nice bcuz of him!!!!

Eleanor Cheng said...