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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Swee Win invaded my house!!!

Beautiful beautiful sunrise that Swee Win took before we went up my house. Really, Sony worker got difference one. =P

7 early 8 early(read: hokkien, means very very early in the morning.), I already woke up to wait for Swee Win.

Ok la, I invited her over cause my sister and I was bored to death the day before. So, ajak her to come and get bored with us since she is on her off day. As usual, our kawan said want to come at 8.00a.m, end up, she woke at 8.30a.m. I was the one waking up at 7.45a.m and waiting for her while reading newspaper until 8.44a.m lo.

Say doodoo...

Where got people force people to take picture one???SEE!! Push people's head one.

We camwhore a bit (in fact she is the one camwhoring around), ate breakfast, watched 200 Pounds Beauty again, ate lunch, baked marble cake, and learnt some blogging stuff before she went back. Oh oh, and kaypo about someone I don't exactly fancy for I am scared of her.

If you have missed the last two postings, my house got broke in on Monday afternoon and I have been on a emergency leave since. I heard that I am getting my STPM result on the 13th. So, I am not exactly feeling at my best right now.

For the recipe for marble cake we tried, check them out here.

ps: Kenko Fish Spa, Superstar Season 3 and reviews on CJ7 vs Kung Fu Dunk over here. If you have the time, go over to my another blog for some reviews on food, place and entertainment.

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