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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Old people also damn 'IN'

Woke up early today and decided to go Botanical Garden with my second sister. I said I wanted to exercise but I did it once bout last week and then stopped for a week and did it again this morning. Regret betul. Not regret of going but regret of stopping a month cause my body is aching now. =P

As we were having our morning walk, we saw monkeys. Real cute monkeys. =P But that was not what that caught us giggling. It was a bunch of aunties and uncles walking and chit chatting in front of us. I changed the conservation according to what I remembered.

Uncle 1: Eh, you all know Cecilia Cheung? (Another Edison Sex Scandal discussion)
Auntie 1: Who is that?
Uncle 2: Aiya, you go to internet, you will see her pictures la.
Auntie 1: I don't even know how she looks like. What's up with her?
Uncle 1: She has got her pictures, about 360 pictures on the internet.
Uncle 2: With a guy, Edison.
Uncle 3: Who is Edison?
Uncle 1: Edison Chen.
Uncle 3: Oooo. That Edison ar? (Walao, uncle also kenal Edison)
Auntie 2: Aiyo, their stories are all in the newspaper.
Auntie 1: How does Cecilia looks like?
Uncle 1: She looks very innocent in the outside but actually she is a TIGER in the inside.
Aunties: *laughing*
Uncle 3: If you see Cecilia on the internet, you would want her to do it again, LIVE.
Uncle 1: Ah, you would love that don't you? Because you cannot access to the internet.

The conversations went something like that. Walao, uncle auntie, morning morning exercise talk bout this thing ar? =P "In" la you all.

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Pao Pao said...

eh one uncle said she is a tigeress la..