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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I still remember my first encounter with termites. They look like small wormy white ants all at one spot and being the very super sensitive me, I started to get itch all over. It's always like that, I see ants, like a whole colony of it, I get itch all over and started to feel the ants crawling on my skin when it is like what? 1 foot away?

At that time, I was still staying at my old house. These ants were feasting on rotten rags we left in a huge basket. I know, ROTTEN RAGS?? -.- Not a very smart termite I would say. Anyway, the rags have holes everywhere and these white little creatures are all over. We threw away the rags and no, we did not use any product to get rid of them. It was years after that when I began to see numbers to call for these termites killer all over the trees in Penang. Cheaper to stick on a tree I guess. =P But we never got around to call them cause it might be costly.

I was reading this website about how we can do
termite inspections on our own and kill them ourselves. They provide information on how to detect termites, how to make sure it's the one you are looking for and how to well, end their lives! They even tell us how much damage these seemingly weak and small creatures can bring to us. I think this is a good one cause we will not be ignorant about it and look into it in a more serious manner.

All these while I thought these
termite inspections can only be done by professionals and if you can't afford it, live with it. I guess now nothing is impossible. And we can help our friends and family to identify it first before they even want to call up professionals, that is if they are too lazy or busy to do it on their own.

Now, TERMITES, DIE!!!!!!!!! I think the ants are leaving me alone now. =P ALl scared of me already.

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