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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The aftermath

We had to reinstall the grill and now, it's doubly thick. Muahahha. With a plank so that it is harder for them to cut the grill again. Unless of course they wanna saw the whole grill. Many neighbours come by to ask about the incident. To show their concern and to kaypo and probably so that they too can make some neccessary precaution.

People from level 1 to level 10 okay??? Good also la. Then we can look out for each other. The guard seems to be promoting our house, telling people about the incident. There's this guy who is a reporter for Guang Ming living at level 1. He came on that day itself and talked to the police. That guy who always have barbeque party and make me go mad cuz he is so skinny and he is eating at 9pm!!!!

Anyway, apparently someone saw a few contractors standing outside our house but refuse to be a witness. =( Why treat us like that??? It is hard for people to notice anything because someone is renovating his/her house at level 4. Even if there's noise, people might think it's just people renovating houses. Suey or not, I ask you?

The entire afternoon, Pao and I had to rotate sleeping as we had a terrible night. When Pao is asleep, I keep thinking that I heard noise. =S Then I had to hold on to a stick that I think people uses to collect rubbish to fight off burglars, if neccessary. We even keep Tanjong Tokong's police station's number in our phone, as the first or the last number. Easier to call if possible.
That is Swee Win posing with the stick I use to attack burglar if neccessary. =P

According to mum, if they cannot steal anything, they will have to shit in order to throw away bad luck. Then they all say that I cannot be a thief, cause I got SEMBELIT a.k.a constipation. Cis bedebah…


Anna said...

Hi! Ah Ping,
Wah!Still can be humorous about the incident huh? What is over is over lo, just take this as a lesson lo, what to do? We still have to go on living but hopefully they will catched those 'Hantus' very soon. Very suey punya manusia, kerja ada tapi mau curi people's things! I hope they rot in prison! (Wah! I'm so terrible!). I'm Really sorry to hear about this. Be good and Take care. Send my love to your family and Ah Mah, thanx.

Ping Ping said...

er....we only lost RM500...Ah Ma lost RM5000 with jewelleries, she kenot even smile...asyik cry...haihzz...

faichai said...

huh? really feel sorry for ur ah ma. i kena tipu with counterfeit RM50 also damn sad already lo. haih, all these criminals should....... err eat till lau sai with the money. haha. cannot curse.