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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet Skwanky

I'm too lazy to edit the post and post Skwanky up. So here you go. Skwanky, my post-Maths mood reliever. Chehwa, post tinggi nih.

Siap posting ini.


Joe Lim said...

Nice bear leh..thinking of getting one also for my new baby...hehehe

Mrs Chong said...

Yea...Its very very nice.Ok la. I buy one for your baby. I go find a cute cute like this one for u ok? =)

Joe Lim said...

Hehehe.....pai seh lah :-)

Mrs Chong said...

I like to shop for teddies. Nonit paiseh..I will go look around and find a cute one. Hopefully u will think its cute too. But after STPM la.Was thinking of getting teddy for ur baby. But then dunno u will like it or not. Heee..

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