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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am boycotting mass media

I was reading Yu Jean's blog then I read 5xMom's blog. Although I super chicken, dare not blog about political issues but I think I will boycott mass media on the 1st of April. Show them that we are not fools on April fool day!!!!

I watch Astro one, boycott local channel is like no problem at all.In fact, macam not boycott, like a normal thing I do. And then I listen to CDs and my car no radio, boycott radio, even easier.

And finally, I started reading newspaper because I wanted to know when was STPM results coming out and then politics came in and make a mess. Until today, they keep talking about how they don't like this, don't approve that. Waste money only. Report something better like what are they going to do with Sharlinie's case and maybe show us some positive changes instead of the normal, mundane I TAK SETUJU stories. Can we start our lives now instead of talking about kisah lama a.k.a the election?

So, people, if you want to join in, you are welcome to. If not, don't come here and scold me ya? I just post what I want to do, I am not hasut-ing or whatsoever. And hop on to Yu Jean and 5xMom's blog to read more. =)

I went to Northam Tower today with my sister to get something done. The court has moved there for now as the white building near esplanade is still under renovation. They have like more than 10 workers. 3 or 4 of them was sitting around chit chatting, of work or not, I don't know.

Anyway, another 6 was in front of their computer. So rajin right??? WRONG!! I accidentally saw one concetrating on her work game. I am sure it is a game cause I played that myself. And I did not peep, I was standing right there and their computer was there, showing itself to me. What can I do? Close my eyes? Siao. Anyway, this is pengangguran tersembunyi!!! My Econs not bad la hor? =P


u-jean said...

Jia you! Let's all boycott the mainstream media. It's time we Malaysians get the truth. let's BUY NO LIES!!! thanks for spreading the word

Ping Ping said...

no prob...I think we should do something la. I am sick of the newspaper reporting such stuff every single that Malaysia susah improve la.