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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Moments.

Happy - Happy Moments

How do we define happy? Is it the feeling we get when we helped an old lady, or is it the feeling we get when we are with people we love? I have never really felt happy cause I felt incomplete all these while. My father left my mother, my two sisters and I when we were very young. I was 6 I think. He had no choice and decided to leave us behind.

And because of that, my parents always quarrel even when we meet up for dinner or something. I hated that feeling but I was too young to understand. It was recently during the past Chinese New Year that I felt that I have a family. A happy family. A family where I can lean on and never fall. Occasionally my dad will come back to stay over or hang out. I can still vividly remember that we had so much fun playing 'Pictionary' on the first day of Chinese New Year. It was the very first time I sit with my sisters and my father, playing and laughing.

All these while, my eldest sister rarely join us in any game as she is Chinese educated while my second sis and I are English educated. My dad of course did not have the chance to join us. (Yes, I know he chose to leave us but can I try to console myself?) I find Pictionary a very good game to help me bring back my family. My mum was smiling when we played and screamed and cheered. She SMILED. It was like a miracle.

I guess that was the happiest moment in my life. It makes me feel that God gave me my family on Chinese New Year. As much as I know that I can get happiness through helping others, I still think that it's my family that brings happiness to me.

Happy - Happy Moments

I've shared mine, what's yours?

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