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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post STPM results

So fast right? I was just complaining how terrible the wait is going to be. Well, I did not really wait la. But anyway, the result is cukup makan only. Not good enough but it's not horrible either. At least I passed all 4. =) Cheers for Ping Ping. *give face a bit*

Anyway, after the result, we went Gurney for lunch and walked around. Then I came back la. Tired. Don't know why.

Pastamania was closed though. Errrr... I just posted bout the quality of their food. =P I don't think my blog has that much influence la. So, =) Pictures.

Us, eager opening our results.

Not a very happy ger.

WHAT???? lol. Look at Ah Win.

Us in A&W after the result. See how we transformed. =P

The End.


Anna said...

Congratulations! So what is your future plans? U all only need to take 4 subjects ar? Why so unfair one!!! Why my time I need to take 5 subjects one!!!!!

Ping Ping said...

5 subjects. One more is MUET which is English and we have to take it in the middle of the year and get the result b4 we sit for STPM d...

Might take up journalism or anything got to do with English.