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Friday, March 21, 2008

Our mad mad family, and I love them

Before this, I thought okay la, most of the family members in this side of the family(mum's side) is a bit crazy, playful, fun-loving people la. But not all. At least I don't think Tong Hai is that crazy cause he has a boss look that he has to maintain. Then Anna Chi Chi also not crazy ma. She rarely talks one. Everytime I see her, she just sit and watch television.

And then Tong Hai proved me wrong. For two consecutive years, during CNY, he somehow has this pass/permit to kick away his boss-look and take mad mad pictures with us, those of which he has yet to know that will go on for years before we finally decided to let it go. =P

Lol, Monkey's gf seems to blend in very well. And er...Mr. Lim also. =P

Don't mind those blurred face and hands. Greedy people, do too many poses. =P

And then Anna Chi Chi proved me wrong again. She starts writing a blog and man, I think I know her better from blogs than I ever will in real life. I guess blogging gives us the chance to let people know what we want them to know without having to face them. And we don't even have to be at the same place!!! I love my cousins!! I love blogging!!

ps: I never say I don't like my father's side hor? Just that we meet up once a year, talk less than 5 minutes. Not that close.

Note: And because I am so good at procrastinating, I got a few postings awaiting to be up. I shall put it up here so that I won't run away from posting it. I think I got Superstar Season 3, TVB artiste-red carpet, 5 days of NZ postings, a few on KL trip, MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!!!! and my singapore ones not up yet. Will drag myself to update the very the lewat postings. =) To keep myself reminded of things I did.


Mum was asking me what I want for birthday and you know what da mei ren say???No need to ask la, she will put on her blog one, just keep checking. So now I die die also must post la. If not no present. At the age of 20, with no career, no bf, and no present. DAMN SAD KAY? I just need presents la. I am not desperate for career and bf just yet. =P So, will definitely put it up A.S.A.P. =P

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