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Monday, March 17, 2008

How to know if the guy lining up behind u is non-Singaporean?

Note: This is my own definition only. I syok want to put up only. Don't come and shoot me say not true and stuff, like I care. I find it true can already. Thank you.

After work, at about 7pm or so, go to the nearest hypermarket near the housing area in Singapore. It seems like these guys who come from probably Malaysia are different from the local guys. No, not because they are Indian or what.

Malaysian guys who work in Singapore will be in their working attire, pushing his trolley in the hypermarket in Singapore better known as FairPrice. Now, how do you differentiate them? Below are the points I found similar about them when I was doing my not-grocery-pun shopping.

Point 1-They are usually alone.
They are usually spotted shopping for their own grocery alone. They do not do it as a group with all their housemates. They look lonely.

Point 2- They usually uses sling bags or school bag kind of bag.
This is because most of them go to work by bus and this will make it easier for them to chase bus or something. Local Singaporeans uses the briefcase kind while the newbies from other country uses that kind of bag. I can almost be sure they are Malaysian because Malaysia is so damn near Singapore; they are confirm not Hongkies or Taiwanese because the two mentioned country have the worlds most fashionable guys and they look so Malaysian.

Point 3- They buy daily stuff.
What shit? Hypermarket sure buy daily stuff right? But no, the things they buy are like milk for breakfasts; eggs; carrot juice ( I had a friend who don't understand why people can take carrot juice) ; canned food; bread. All of the above shows that they are usually of breakfast and that explains that they are not local people. Because they usually work till late so lunch and dinner are usually eat outs which are more convenient.

So easy to spot them. Lol. And if you are going to say I'm rude for looking at what people bought, I syok can? I see, I kaypo, you talk so much, you not kaypo la?

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