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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sentosa- Dolphin Lagoon

I blog so slowly about Singapore la. I doubt I'll ever finish blogging about Kuala Lumpur and oh man, New Zealand. But I'll have many many many many months in Penang and I think somehow, I'll finish updating la. Just perhaps a little slow.

I forgot bout this turtle. So HUGE!!!

I am more excited to see sharks though. I stopped having interest in turtle for some time now. It's all sharks now. =P

Dolphin!! Pink one. I can't remember the names. They look alike to me. I wonder if the instructors/instructress simply call one or not. =P

Dolphin playing with the girl. Cis, saja want fish nia. =P

The loop thingie. Like a custom made stunt for animals lor. I wonder if they can talk, they'll ask the harimau-s, "You did the same right? I'm so bored of this routine la."

Twist and turn babeh. Too bad the tourist head got in the way. =P

That's all I have for the Dolphin Lagoon. It's hard to take pictures.

For the food post, kindly walk to because I've put them there. Not all, but almost. Slowly walk okay? =)

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