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Thursday, March 13, 2008

All about Peter Pan

Warning: Many youtube clips ahead.
Since Peter Pan, Afaluen Lu and Stanly Xu are three of the many I like in One Million Star, this post I shall dedicate to Peter Pan. I've showed my love for Afaluen Lu in many many postings. Okay, maybe one. =P

It is harder to get news of Peter Pan, Afaluen and Stanly if we type this name. We will have to use their Chinese name and then, the articles appeared will be in Chinese. But I had fun googling for the pictures. To those I have stolen the pictures from, thank you ya? =P

The first one I like was Afaluen. Then I find Stanly cute. And it was

almost the end when I like Peter Pan. He is really cute with really soothing voice. I think it was the segment when they have to sing with a well-known artiste that I fell in love with him

it seems like Aska and him are quite buddy. Like how Stanly and Afaluen are good buddies.

Cute cute Peter
He has this face that will make all girls go goo-gaa.
Oh and that soothing voice of his.

Fell in love with him at this episode. Still loving this song. Can imagine his face. =P It was this song that made me remember him. Because of the way they pronounce certain words. The way they bite each word (lol, translate to mandarin.)

Soothing voice. He always sings from the heart. The way he closes his eyes softly, mesmerizing.

love love love.

ps: If you watch One Million Star, I notice several of them having special ways to pronounce words. Like Aska, he don't pronounce heart as xin, instead he pronounce it as xim. Yoga always seems to have something in the mouth, too much cheek tissue?

This is a must see. I know, it's not Peter. But MUST SEE!!! LAWAK...

This is Peter. Look at him shake butt!!!! =P

One last one. I LOVE PETER PAN!!!!!


yettyng said... pao said yesterday.peter pan is good looking.=)this ` i agree.ha.and i found out tt he could be quite funny in the last episod ler.when he n aska swimming(OH!!!STILL DROOLING OVER ASKA) and during teh prize giving ceremony.=)

u guys going to watch xiao mei???!!!!
dun faint k?hehe

Ping Ping said...

hahah...i'll try not to faint....he is quite and funny la...there's one episode the host ask them how come they can be bestfrenz since both of them very host imitate them damn lawak...

Ping Ping said...

*quiet I

Joze Foo said...

the shake butt really funny.... actually i am not a fan of peter Pan jus happen to like his latest songs... I like Aska la...and i dun like Yoga the cry baby...i know i know Aska is cry a lot 2 but he cry more manly...