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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beautiful people, nice company, bad food.

That's about all I need to describe the outing with Emmoes. I don't know why but somehow, whenever I'm with them, it's always a fun outing. We can talk and gossip and laugh though we hardly see each other.

Now that we are all grown up, we tend to be able to tolerate more and I guess it makes us closer. Anyway, we went Gurney as Swee Win is working there and we want to meet up with her though I meet her a lot lately. I've been to GP so many times this week.

So Diana, Yi Lin, Yuh Jen and I (Hooi Shan joined shortly after we started) decided to give Pastamania a try though everyone are telling us they don't serve good food. Well, I regret. The food is beyond not yummy. They are almost inedible. Ok, I exaggerate but I have never tasted something like that. Check out my another blog for the review.

We ate a lot that day but sadly, they are very disappointing. Will still put up a review so that you know which shop to avoid next time.

I can't put up pictures cause blogspot is not so friendly today and I am having flu. Sneezing non-stop now. Ha-chew!!!

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