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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When I was in Singapore,

I found out why whenever artiste go Singapore, sure many people let them sign-meaning original CDs la. I did come across some might-be-pirated CDs though at Bugis Street. Anyway, it's because their original CDs are so CHEAP!!!

If you stay in Singapore and earn Singapore money, it is cheap. Don't convert la! Their original CDs are priced between S$10 to S$25. I've not come across a S$30 one leh. So cheap, who also can buy la. I even found some at S$7 leh. Old ones la like S.H.E's 2007 Hong Kong concert CD. S$7 nia leh, it's like RM16.10. Here? RM60!! I want to go Singapore and sapu the CDs!!

One more thing, why the kadar pengangguran in Singapore so low? Because even if you are from gangster gang, you also can be actor!! Mark Lee for example. And even if your face really cannot pass, also can be actor, take Henry Thia for example.

And, THEIR AH MA ALL BE CASHIER!! They hire old people about age 50-60++ or even 70 to become cashier. The old lady in Penang will sit at home, watch Astro, shake leg and cook dinner for their daughter nia la. They where want to work? If you ask them to work, they'll cry and say they "pai mia" (very kelian). Those ah poh sell food one is different har? They got skills that their daughter might not have. That's why.

And old people also can be actress. Lao Zha Bor is the contoh terbaik.

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