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Saturday, March 01, 2008


I know how I said I won't mind if people do not comment as long as they read. I still feel the same but these two days, when I am in another mood swing, I logged on into Nuffnang but no records was found. I checked my Page Rank and it's N/A.

I began to question the purpose of writing a blog. Do I still love to write that much? I began to question my ability to write and to capture people's attention to read them. There's so many things happening around me now that I don't know, I just feel lost. I don't know what course I am suppose to fill in when I get my result. I don't know if journalism is right for me anymore.

I don't even know if I like to be a journalist. I don't even know if I am capable. I just feel that right now, all I can think of is running away, just like how i used to. Not running away from home, just running away from reality. I have lost the enthusiasm I had the last two days. I guess a person shall not be too excited about something for they will lose their excitement twice as fast.

I was thinking bout terminating my blog but I am not going to do that yet because I am afraid I'll regret. I always do and 1 year ++ memories is not suppose to end up like this. I guess I'm just being emo right now. I used to write because I love to write. Now, I don't know anymore. I don't know what I want and what people wants from me.

ps: And I think it's because of the paid post I wrote. Wrote a lot without copying and I really write them with feelings. I mean my sister ask me to simply write but I did not. Still kena tendang balik. =( Feel so unappreciated. Luckily they approved the bed one cause I really really really love the bed one.


-sHaN sHaN- said...

you are not lost la gal...there is so many ppl out there to guide you...don't think about the past anymore think about the future...everyone do have their hard time but we still have to accept the fact...don't make our life is short cherish every single moment of it...i am sure there's alot of ppl out there reading ur blog like me but they just don't leave comment is either they are lazy to do so or they don't know what to comment...
btw do feel free to talk with me although i am not good in giving advice but i am definitely a good sori for always replyin u late and sori for not dropping you comments..but don't worry i am ur

Ping Ping said...

The last line rhymes!!!

Ya la...I was bit emo at that time. I was chatting with u. What will happen when two emo-s meet???They become even more emo!!!!

I miss u all. I miss going to school and be occupied so that i forget all my emo-ness