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Friday, March 28, 2008

More post pending *updated*

So I've got like many post pending. I think I will write it down here and then cancel when I finished.

- NZ Queenstown.. (will i ever finish talking about NZ? But it brings back memories)
- KL (TVB red carpet) I wont blog about other parts of KL because KL many people been to already. Probably will re-write the fish spa to bring back memories
- Singapore (Zoo - other place we did not take much pictures.)
- Afalean Lu (Which I hope to put up by tomorrow because it will bring in traffic.)
- Lin Yu Zhong (about to go and see him)
- The long passed STPM results day. =P Bring back memories la.
- Singapore (Misc)
- Down the memory lane
- Charity

Updated pending list
- A day at Komtar
- A day at Penang Road
- Evening Walk
- Winter Warmers

I think that's all. Will add on to the list and in future, I think I should do this list if I ever ever want to postpone any updates because I want to keep a journal of my life over here.

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