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Friday, March 07, 2008


How many of us buy insurance through persistent agents? How many of us buy insurance because the agent is your friend or your family members? We buy insurance from a certain company because we think they are all the same. As long as their name are not too unknown and someone is willing to talk to us into it, we buy it.

My eldest sister buy lots of insurance for medical, life and many more. We buy insurances without comparing them with other company because we find it too troublesome and time consuming to do so. Especially when the agent bring us round and round the merry-go-round talking bout 1001 policies they have. We rather spend time sleeping or doing something else though it might not be that benefitial.

Courier Insurance, not only do we get to escape from those agents who will start persuading us buying other policies we do not really need, scaring us with horrible stories but also save our time. We can do this in the comfort of our own house and slowly browsing through each policies of each company and comparing them without having to make hasty decisions.

Our family are heavily insured because we are of not so well off family and if any of us were to face any misfortune, at least it will lessen the burden of the family members. Besides, getting insurance means buying a sense of security. Especially since our house was being broke in last Monday, everything seems so fragile and traumatizing. I feel scared even to walk alone or stay alone at home.

I bought an additional insurance lately that is like savings where I keep some money in there each month like I do with the bank. I think it's pretty cool as one day, when I am allowed to take the money, I'll be rich. =P I enjoy such feeling. =P

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