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Friday, March 07, 2008

11th March!!!

My life depends on 11th March. Well, not really la. But now I am having the phobia again. I mean when you were in Form 5, there's 10 subjects. I am sure you can luckily get like what? 3 to 4 As right??

This is not the case with Form 6. You only have 4 pathetic subjects. That is like 2.5 times lesser compared to form 5. And to cin cai get 1 to 2 As is a huge problem. I am not an A oriented person. I am more worried of failing any subject cause that will mean I can forget about submitting application to uni. I can eat, sleep and shit daily and then cry my eyes out for being such a loser.

Okay, that is a little too dramatic. But yea, I am not ready to fail. I think I did better this time than I was in Form 5 but hell, everytime I thought I do better, I end up with very sad and disappointing results lor.

And we will have to wear a t-shirt that school gave us for free last year. We thought they are so blardy nice to give us free t-shirts. They insist that we wear them on Tuesday or we can bid our results goodbye. How can like that??? That t-shirt seems too big on me now. When I bought it, I thought it's pretty alright. Now, it is not alright lor!!! Imagine if I become the background when a reporter wants to take picture of the top scorer (saja nak masuk newspaper la) then I'll look so weird.

Sienz. Anyway, this is it, we took the exam, we survived the mind-torturing hours at PBA to study, we survived sleepless night before Maths and Accounts paper, we survived 13 years of school (in uniform), and obviously fear is not a factor to you it is time to end it. Finally, it is coming to an end. I love to go to school though. So much nicer compared to working. Working life not so fun. =P

Ex- Form Six students!!!! The time is here.
=S I DOWAN!!!!!!

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