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Friday, March 14, 2008

Protest at Komtar, Penang

Dad called up in the morning to ask us to stay in today. He told me there's protest or something in town and asked me and my sister not to go anywhere. Then my eldest sister called and asked us to stay in. I was very curious but I dare not blog about it because we have been warned not to spread rumors of any riot whatsoever.

As I wasn't sure, I dare not blog about it. Entah-entah it's not true and thus made it a rumor, spread by me and I have to be sent to lokap? After reading Ai Ling's blog, it is true afterall. Apparently some 500 Umno members and supporters was protesting outside the Penang state government office in Komtar this afternoon.

I went on reading 5XMom's blog and according to her blog, these UMNO people are protesting because they feel there are not enough Malay Excos in the Penang State Exco line-up. Oh politics. I thought it was over on the 9th March. -.-" Bet there's more for us to see in future. For the next 5 years. And it will continue if the result is like what we have this year.

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Nyghtsky said...

Riots are a form of civil disorders characterized by disorganized groups lashing out in a sudden and intense rash of violence, vandalism or other crime.


Ping Ping said...

as i've said, when my father and my sister told me, i diden know what was happening and if i blog about it that time, it will be a rumor if it's untrue and i'll get i dare not blog bout it..i did mention it is a protest right???

Nyghtsky said...

No worries, Ping-Ping. It was a short demonstration only lah..of the lazy and less educated.

Pak Lah should speak up against such demonstrations. We are a Democratic Country, and as such the minority must accept the decision by majority consensus. This demonstration is a anti-democratic act, and should be deemed as a serious threat against the constitution of Malaysia and all that we Malaysians stand for.

3POINT8 said...

Eh? didn't you just said that you won't blog about it?
But you just blogged about it, didn't you? Its just that you missed a huge chunk of details...

Ping Ping said...

-.- I said before i found out it's true...and I did put up links to other people's blog. I am not a political blogger, I blog whatever I want to. -.-"

emphbone said...

Where there's government, there's always protests.