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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jas Lyn!!!

It's crazy how time flies huh? Anyway, today is Jas Lyn's big day (Tai Hei Yat Ji). Lol. She is not getting married. She is finally 5 years old!!!! I celebrate my birthday every year for 20 years until sien already, she baru celebrated the 5th time. =P She will probably kill me if she see this.

I shall pray hard that Jas Lyn will continue to play her Yahoo games and not come here to read my blog. As this blog post is dedicated to her, I will only talk about other things at the end of this post.

I don't talk to Jas Lyn before 2006. We rarely talked probably because she looks intimidating. She is the smart girl who does not have to finish up her homework, play Yahoo games and score in her exam. Pure genius I guess. There are several things that got me real impressed.

Jas Lyn is one of the few teenagers who enjoys watching 'Ko Tai' or 'Getai'. I don't know the performers are performing for you guys or the deads. =P She is a more professional artiste chaser than I. She keeps her favourite Getai singer's schedule for goodness sake. I'll probably go crazy if I keep mine. =P I chase lots of artiste.

She is the one who got me into playing Yahoo games. I borrowed her disc before. It had been a great 2007 sitting behind you. Happy Birthday Jas Lyn. I'll wish you again in 4 years time!!

Anyway, been really free at work today. =P Did one export only. Mummy asked the customer not to do import or export if it is not so urgent. Chase away my customers. How can I show my ability??? Not that I have la. But then.... Anyway, another day is slowly creeping by and it's Friday again. Time flies and STPM result is so so so blardy shit near now. =(

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Dragon said...

good luck in your stpm ya... i mean... the result... :)