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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year again!!!

Nah.. Year Year Got Fish!!! Eh in fact, go to Fish Spa, every day got fish. =P

What is on your mind when you think of Chinese New Year? Food? Red? Decorations? Er....MONEY??? This year is the first year we celebrate in our new place and of course we act like lil kids, decorating our house.

Our used to be mini garden but now mini farm

What is Chinese New Year without red "chai" right? Don't say Ang Pow lor. =P

Mirror mirror on the wall. I love the flower!!!

What what willow ar??? Macam cotton like that. I used to "kopek" all the flowers when I was small. I feel like doing it again. =P

Our room!!!!!! From Pink Pink become Pink Yellow. Love it love it love it.

Ah Ma's "Kerusi Datin"

Dining table....

Sis's room. Tilt your head please, forgot to rotate.


Pao Pao said...

Cool house !!

Anonymous said...

nice house la.. jealousnya!! haha.. seems like you enjoy you "NEW" year very much!! happy to know that..

^.^!! luv ya alwayz!!

Anonymous said...

wow...nice decorations! keep it up girl :) send my regards to your sis as well. happy new year...