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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Its so scary now.

The crime rate in Malaysia is rising so fast, it is even faster than the rising of the price of petrol. In fact, not only crime rate but any kind of incident that cause harm to our lives is happening everywhere now. We often hear cases like rape cases, bags being snatched, cars being hijacked, road bullies, murders, accidents mostly public transportations, its not safe to be anywhere. Not even at the comfort of your own house. How can we Malaysian continue to live like this? I am so sick of reading newspaper now cause there's always sad news. Why is all this happening to us? I mean we can't even bring our handbags out now. We cannot leave children playing by themselves, we cannot trust anyone at all.

This is getting real crazy. Seriously. So so so insane. When will the authorities start looking into these cases seriously? Stop going around fishing for votes. It disgust me!

Click here to read some traumatizing true experience. Will definitely help if one day you are in such situation.

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