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Monday, February 25, 2008

Christchurch Part III - The Fudge Factory

Lol. One month has passed but my NZ posting is yet to finish. I need to complete this post and that of KL one. I want to blog about Putrajaya. So, I shall briefly say what we did in Christchurch as it'll take forever to write down one by one. Christchurch is just like Dunedin where you can get from one place to another by walking. Well, just the town area. However, it is slightly bigger than Dunedin and so, we had to take bus at one time to go shopping. The bus is free of charge and comes like every 10 to 15 minutes. Very smart looking drivers, very polite passengers (they say thank you when they get down from the bus) and very efficient bus system.
Thanks to Pao's friend, Minnie who brought us to shopping malls or we will be rotting in Christchurch. In Christchurch there are malls where you can get cheap clothes. And they are branded. At least in New Zealand. Good cloth material and you really need to go there to have a look. I love Christchurch more than Dunedin for the shopping but I still think Dunedin is a good place to be if you want to have a more laid back life.

One of the interesting place we went when we were in Christchurch was the tour at the Fudge Factory. It is situated in the Art Centre and you go there to see how they make fudges. Fudge is actually a type of delicacies where it is made of milk (condensed milk I think), sugar and other flavouring depending to the flavour of your fudge. The one I love most is Raspberry White Chocolate Fudge. There is chunks and chunks of raspberry in it. It is however a tad too sweet to eat alone therefore it is good to go with a cup of hot tea or coffee without sugar.

Our tour. =)

Coconut Ice is Malaysian's candy you get from the mamak stall.

The fudge cottage where you buy yummilicious fudges, chocolates, sweets and other treats for your sweet tooth.

Hanging around while waiting for the tour.

Basically all we do there was see them make the fudge, eat and then eat some more and eat some more. I got sick of the fudge at the like 5th flavour. You seriously need some hot hot tea to wash down the sweetness. I guess Asians are not that good at taking sweet stuff. Those Westerners can take lots of them though. I ta pao-ed a few because I really couldn't stomach it anymore. We bought three bars in the end.

This is where they go in and mix the sugar, condensed milk, chocolate, raspberry and such. It is at a high temperature so that the mixture will not harden up.

Our tour guide. Can you spot some bowls on the table, that's our fudge sample.

Mummy sampling some fudges.

They then pour out the mixture onto a wooden plank or something.

Making the surface even. So that there's a standard size fudge. If not later you complain your neighbour one bigger than yours.

He is cutting the fudges into cubes. =)

We got to taste the piping hot fudge too. Taste better. =P Yummy.

The rest of the Christchurch was around the town. I'll post up some pictures below but not much explaining cause we were just walking around taking pictures.

This is the Cathedral Square in the middle of Christchurch. Town area.

The church in Christchurch.

The tram. I heard it is not worth it. Did not take a ride on it.

I don't know what's this but go travelling, what also take one la.

This is at the Art Centre

This is a public phone. It's behind the Art Centre

I don't know what's this. Just pointing.

The house is nice. I love Ang Mo Chu. (Westerner's house)

A cafe just beside The Fudge Factory.

YMCA!!! We stayed there.

That's all for Christchurch. Up next, Queenstown. Finally. =P

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