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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Xin Guang Bang 超级星光大道☆星光帮

I found a picture of them and now I can show you which one I think is really cute!!!!

From left to right: Afaluen Lu Xue Rui (so hot when he smiles), Stanly Xu Ren Jie (cute lar), Judy Zhou Ding Wei, Aska Yang Zhong Wei (Apee Apee), something Xuan Rong, Peter Pan (cute cute macam Quincy Chen Ren Feng a bit), Yoga Lin You Jia (Pao's fav), Liu Ming Feng (small eyes), Kevin(13 nia.), tak kenal. =P

As you can probably guess, I think Afaluen, Stanly and Peter Pan are really cute. Its even cuter that Afaluen and Stanly are best friend cause Stanly used to stay with Afaluen when he is in Taipei cause he is not staying in Taipei. Just like how we stay in Hwee Yeng's place in KL when we need to go KL la. Same. Probably Stanly is from a Penang-like state while Afaluen is in a KL-like state. Everything happens in KL, no? La la la. I have finished blogging about my favourite singers!!!

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